The Dead Weather Explains Their Involvement On “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Soundtrack

Chicagoist did an interview with the band recently where they revealed the way that they became a part of the album.

Alison Mosshart (lead singer) explained, “We were in the studio in Nashville at the time, recording Sea of Cowards. Rolling in on a Burning Tire was going to be the last track on the album; then we got asked to submit something to Twilight. It seemed like the right kind of track for it. We submitted it and they said they wanted it exclusively, so we recorded another track to take its place on the album.”

The song ended up being a backing to a “Victoria and Riley” moment, and it did seem quite appropriate for that moment in the film.

Source: Examiner

Cee Lo Green’s “What Part of Forever” Video

Yahoo! Music has posted Cee Lo Green’s video for “What Part of Forever” from the official soundtrack of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”.  Check it out below.

Updates On the R-Flattz Project

Robert Pattinson Online created the RFlattz Project for some summer fun.  It’s the same concept as Flat Stanley, only with Flat Robert.  Check out some of the fun that RFlattz had at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Source: Pattinson Online
Source: Pattinson Online
Source: Pattinson Online

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More From Stephenie Meyer’s Press Junket

Twilight Series Theories has posted more of the audio from the Stephenie Meyer press junket.   In the interview, she answers the following questions for fans:

Where did Fred and Diego’s name come from?

How were Bree and Diego capable of their emotion having been newborns?

The Novella helps bring attention to how hard it is to be a newborn… Bella didn’t have a problem, so what are the differences?

Timelines… When did all the characters (Diego, Bree, Fred) come into play in correlation to The Twilight Saga?

Was Riley created while James was still alive?

Click here to listen to the audio clip.

I love the RFlattz images!  It looks like Flat Robert is having a good time this summer.  🙂  I also saw where the real deal flew into Nashville yesterday en route to Chattanooga to film a few scenes for “Water for Elephants”.

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