Time’s Top 10 Leaks Includes Midnight Sun

Matt Sayles / AP

Time Magazine recently published a top ten list of famous leaks, ranging from Afghanistan War military records, the Watergate tapes, to Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun draft.

In 2008, she tried something different (sort of) by retelling the events of the first books, only from Edward’s point of view. Sooner than you can say “glittering vampire,” 12 unfinished chapters from the new manuscript, Midnight Sun, appeared on the Internet. “I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being,” Meyer said in a message to fans. Rather than punish her loyal following, Meyer posted her entire unfinished Midnight Sun draft on her website. The only catch is that it’s unprintable — better bring an e-reader.

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Bella Swan & The Vampire Role-Reversal

The Faster Times has an interesting article about chivalry being dead and how the thirstiest of all characters in the “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” is Bella Swan.  They explore how Edward and Jacob vie for Bella’s affections, Edward’s old-fashioned courting style, and Bella’s desire to take things further in the bedroom with Edward.

Of all the vampires prowling the screen these days, the thirstiest creature of all isn’t a vampire, it’s a teenage girl. In “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” seventeen year old Bella pins her one hundred and four year old vampire boyfriend to the bed and finally just pleads with him. She’s sick of hearing about her soul, she’s done with fending off red-eyed armies. By this scene in the trilogy she has reached a point of desperation, and when in one of the films pivotal moments Edward pauses yet again, having made it only one button down on her button-down shirt, she says, wincing: “just try.”

What ever happened to count Dracula seducing a young girl in a low-cut dress somewhere in Transylvania? I guess chivalry really is dead. The twentieth century is to thank for slaying a lot of the discrimination inherent in worshiping a woman, but this attack on tradition definitely has taken some of the fun out of things. Courting a lady used to take more time than most marriages do these days, and that fact isn’t lost on Bella.

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Twilight-Inspired Cupcake Ideas

Check out these Twilight-inspired cupcake ideas for your next viewing party.  There are some really creative ones shown here – images ranging from the hands holding the apple from the first book cover to werewolves to the New Moon tulip.


What do you think of Midnight Sun making Time’s Top 10 Leaks list?  I’d have to agree that it belongs on there.  What other book in history has had such a rabid following on the Internet? I imagine that if any Harry Potter books had been leaked like that, it would also have a spot in the list.  But that didn’t happen, did it?  The fact that you cannot save the PDF or print it speaks volumes for the kind of response that it’s had.

What do you think about the “role-reversal” scenario between Bella and Edward?  Do you agree that the lack of chivalry in today’s society has led to Bella being the wanton woman that they paint in the article?  I’m inclined to believe that the author has only seen the movies and has not read the books, as they would realize that Bella’s not quite the harlot that she comes across as being in the movie and she really just wants to be Edward’s equal and for them to claim one another in the most intimate way possible.  (But that’s just my humble opinion.)

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