‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ tickets already selling overseas

Given that it’s less than a month and a half until The Twilight Saga: Eclipse comes to U.S. theaters, tickets for the film will probably be made available for pre-ordering in the very near future.

After all, they’re already available for sale in some international markets.

The New Zealand Herald reports that, while the film debuts in theaters on July 1st in New Zealand, some tickets are already available (and selling) there!

If Eclipse’s pre-sale numbers compare to those of The Twilight Saga: New Moon (which surpassed those of Twilight), one can probably estimate that Eclipse will be one of this summer’s blockbusters of note. SOURCE

Breaking Dawn Finally ‘In Production’?

Great news! According popular movie service IMDB Pro, Breaking Dawn is now “In Production”. No official info yet, but IMDB is really good source so chances are most of their info is pretty accurate. Are you guys excited?


IMBD Breaking Dawn page HERE

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