from Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

By the time ‘New Moon’ was finally available for purchase, dozens of fans had already been waiting more than an hour.

And they had already seen the movie.

At the Acworth Wal-Mart, fans of the second movie in the Twilight Saga formed two lines at the front of the store waiting for the clock to hit midnight. The movie, based on the book series by Stephanie Meyer, is just that good, say the fans who didn’t seem to mind the wait.

“I’ve seen it twice in theaters, and I’m impatient,” said 21-year-old Kylie Clouse. “It’s really good.”



from Boston Herald:

If the film doesn’t turn “Twilight” fanatics to Jacob’s side, the six-part behind-the-scenes documentary should.

This is where Lautner stands apart from his co-stars. Unlike Stewart and Pattinson, he seems excited about his involvement in this insanely popular series.

Need another reason to go Black/Lautner? The young star did all of his own stunt work. Another strike against Cullen/Pattinson.

New director Chris Weitz comes across as unlikable and indifferent to what made original “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke’s (“Thirteen”) approach and final product work. She fought for real locations, where he settled for unnecessary CGI graphics.



from Cinematical:

Cinematical spoke with Greene in Austin, where she was attending the SXSW premiere of Skateland.

Cinematical: Tell us about your character and how you became involved in Skateland.

Ashley Greene: I play a character named Michelle Burkham. You start out seeing her as a girl-next-door character, but as you watch the film you learn she has an edge to her. And that’s what I really liked about her; she does have vulnerability and she’s compassionate, but she’s got a sass about her and she’s a very strong character. Those are the qualities that drew me in about her. Throughout the film you see her as the best friend of Ritchie Wheeler, who the story centers on, and she becomes a love interest. She’s the one that’s there pushing him, saying ‘You can be more,’ and making him understand that he needs to believe in himself. And when Skateland closes, everyone’s thrown into turmoil and forced to reevaluate themselves and Texas and their situations, and she’s definitely one of them. She’s one of the go-getters in the film, and I really liked that.



from Cinematical:

Most of the filmmaker’s (Jason Brown) attention is focused on the story and fans — the girls who traveled to see the first film get made, those who actually moved to Forks because of the series, the bands who infuse a little Meyer into their music. In fact, the feature has the basis for a pretty interesting look into Twilight fandom. MTV’s Larry Carroll discusses the thank-you letters he got for the site’s Twihard coverage, and how the fans researched not only the story and the progression of the films, but also Carroll’s own life, learning of his upcoming fatherhood and sending him Twilight-themed baby/dad gear. Another father discusses how he resisted the books, but now finds that it has made him a better dad, and allowed him a rare and continuing bond with his daughter, who has urged him to become a sort of real-life Carlisle Cullen.

When the documentary starts to delve into Forks, it’s a quick overview — how Forks was a logging town that started to suffer with the economy, how there was a spotted owl issue (never discussed, only referenced), and now, how things are thriving. La Push gets a slightly better handling, with a few Quileutes talking about the wolfy start of their tribe. Unfortunately, that’s it. It’s impossible to get any palpable understanding or knowledge of Quileute life. We might understand the story that Meyer used to link reality to werewolves, but we are left with no discernible sense of who these people are, and what their environment is like.




A few weeks ago, we learned that Cambridge University was to be introducing the Twilight saga into its Faculty of Education’s curriculum so as to better understand children and their relationship to current books. The series has also made its way into middle and high school course plans, onto English reading lists, and beyond.

Now, the first full-length college course on the Twilight series has been approved, according to Dr. Natalie Wilson, the Cal State San Marcos Women’s Studies professor who’ll be teaching it.

Wilson, who is currently penning an analysis of the Saga’s impact on popular culture, revealed that the course will be entitled “Twilight: The Texts and the Fandom” and that fans outside of the classroom will be able to participate in the course in a lot of ways as well. Actual students will be granted general credit for taking this class.



It was only a matter of minutes from the time that the DVDs went on sale last night before the footage from “Eclipse” on the WalMart DVD would hit the internet.  If you did not purchase that particular DVD and would like to see the exclusive content, check out the video below where Bella and Edward are lying in Bella’s bed and discussing her being changed.  If you don’t want any spoilers before June 30, do not click play!

Did you go out at midnight to get your New Moon DVD?  If so, did you take part in any of the release parties that the stores held?  I passed on them, choosing to go pick mine up at Target today.  I did, however, rent the movie on demand through my cable provider and started watching it at midnight just because I’m too impatient.

I do have to take issue with the “New Moon” DVD review where the author slams on the CGI wolves.  If she had seen it on the big screen the way it was intended to be viewed with the awesome theater surround-sound, she might have a different outlook on them.  They looked way more awesome in the theater than they do on my TV screen.  She also criticizes Chris Weitz and compares his product to Catherine Hardwicke’s citing,  She fought for real locations, where he settled for unnecessary CGI graphics.Did this author not see the insanely gorgeous Italian countryside and the Tuscan city on a hill?  Did she miss the actual cliffs on the British Columbia coast and the gorgeous mountains in the background when Bella and Jacob ride the motorcycles?  Ok…maybe the faked-up image of Rio when we finally see Edward again was a bit lame, but don’t discount the rest of the film for that one cheesy 20 seconds of film.

Did any of you purchase Twilight in Forks?  Target has a deal for a $5 gift card when you buy it along with their exclusive DVD.  Needless to say, I got it.  I’m looking forward to watching it and seeing it for myself.

Holy crow!  I would love to be able to take a Twilight course for college credit.  It almost makes me wish that I was back in school.

Seeing how I have no patience, I obviously watched the sneak-peek scene from Eclipse and I cannot wait for June 30 to get here so that I can see the rest of the film.  I think that’s the most dialogue that we’ve seen between Bella and Edward than in any of the other movies.  Love it!!

So, what do you think of today’s Twilight Saga news?   While we’re at it, how many times have you watched your New Moon DVD today?  Join us in the forum and tell us!!