REMEMBER ME – “Ask Rob” Video #6: New York

EXCLUSIVE: First Look At New ‘Twilight Unbound:
The Stephenie Meyer Story’ Hardcover Edition

It’s no surprise that Bluewater Productions’ comic book biography of “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer sold well — very well, in fact — so it should probably be no surprise that yet another printing of the comic is headed to shelves.

Revealed exclusively to MTV News today, the publisher announced plans for a new, hardcover edition of “Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story,” featuring updated content and a brand new cover image. The edition will hit shelves in May before “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” arrives in theaters, and include post-“New Moon” updates on the cast and, of course, the creator of the “Twilight” books.

Read on for an exclusive first look at the new “Twilight Unbound: The Stephenie Meyer Story” hardcover edition cover, as well as the official text of the publisher’s announcement. MORE HERE

Kellan Lutz for PETA: Clothed, Pushing for Adoption

Come on, Kellan Lutz.

It’s not enough that you have a ridiculous body? You also need to love animals and pose with puppies more adorable than all the Twilight Saga stars combined?

The actor stars in a new PETA campaign. Unfortunately, he isn’t naked, like so many other animal-loving celebrities have been when appearing in ads for this organization.

But Lutz still has an important message to send, as the poster below reads: “Buying Animals Is Killing Animals. Save a Homeless Dog or Cat – Always Adopt and Never Buy.”

Said the actor:

“There are surprisingly so many animals in these animal shelters. It’s sad, and knowing that they get euthanized… and there’s a lot you can do… spay or neuter your pets so that doesn’t happen.”

Seriously, Kellan. You already have a hard body. Must you match it with a soft heart?

Leave some girls for the rest of us, will ya? SOURCE

I enjoyed the little tidbit that Rob Pattinson wanted to do Remember Me because it was set in New York City. I am a mere train ride from NYC so this is very appealing to me. I wish he would come back!! 🙂

I think it is getting to be a bit much with all the merchandise coming out for the Twilight Saga. Wouldn’t a simple biography suffice? They have to create an elaborate comic book about Stephanie Meyer’s life which they know will sell like hotcakes, which is probably the only reason they are doing it.

Oh man, Kellan does it again. He doesn’t even need to be pant-less to make a girls heart melt, and a man with a dog clearly sends the girls flocking even more.

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