New edition of ‘New Moon’ DVD revealed for Best Buy

As expected, at least one new edition of the DVD for The Twilight Saga: New Moon has come about. Before, Best Buy’s listing for the DVD was rather sparse, and now, thanks to the wonderful research of some Twilight fans, it is known that Best Buy will be offering a Steel Case Edition of the DVD.

It is supposedly still unavailable on the store’s website, but it is said to include a free cell phone skin upon pre-ordering the DVD.

No word yet on when the Best Buy steel case edition will be available for pre-order.

In the meantime, head on over to the list of what else is available to see what your known options are right now for those stores which are accepting pre-orders.

Bear in mind, though, that things are liable to change or be updated between now and the DVD’s release. That’s not to say, though, that you shouldn’t jump on an opportunity you find fitting with your needs, just a plea for you to be choosey as I have a feeling that there are more possibilities than just the standard two-disc edition and this. SOURCE

Twilight’s Kellan Lutz Puts Stuntman Out of Work


When we caught up with Kellan Lutz at the Calvin Klein and Los Angeles Nomadic Division event last night, we wondered what he enjoyed most about filming the next movie in the Twilight saga, Eclipse, due out this summer. “When I could do my own stunts,” he told us. “I annoyed the producers enough to be able to say, ‘I have three lines in this movie.’ That was New Moon. Thank God, I have more in Eclipse. But I love doing stunts, I love getting hurt.” View more tough guys — and girls — HERE



Robert Pattinson Says ‘Remember Me’ Role Is ‘Just Different’

Pattinson steps out of the shadow of his brooding “Twilight” character Edward Cullen to play Tyler, a slightly misguided college student who’s dealing with a family tragedy when he falls in love with a young woman, Ally, played by Emilie de Ravin.

In a new video posted on the film’s Facebook page, Pattinson discusses his decision to tackle the role of the rebellious New York youth. “Initially, I remember reading the script and thinking … um … I like the flow of the dialogue and stuff,” he said. “It was just different.”

Pattinson, who will later this year reprise his role as Edward in “Eclipse,” added that Tyler had a certain “it” factor about him that he hadn’t seen in many other leading male roles in current films. “It seems like in a lot of ways main characters in other movies, when there is a young guy who is the lead he always seems like a vessel, [he] always [has] to be so naive and ridiculously innocent so the audience can feel that with [him] in the story,” he explained. “Tyler didn’t feel like that. He was a very specific character.”

In a recent chat with MTV News, de Ravin spoke about her instant connection with Pattinson. “I flew to New York to test with Rob and we immediately got along and had instant great chemistry, which is not an easy thing to come by,” she said. “Obviously you’re acting, but you want to have that connection with somebody. We had it.” SOURCE

Taylor Lautner Talks Valentines Day

Watch a brand new interview with Actor Taylor Lautner on his role in the upcoming romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” by director Garry Marshall (Runaway Bride, Georgia Rule) and starring Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn), Bradley Cooper (The A-Team), Anne Hathaway (Alice in Wonderland), Jessica Biel (Planet 51), Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba.

Synopsis: Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day.


Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick – Class of 2010

Young Hollywood Class of 2010 is taking over Vanity Fair and that includes Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick. Both Twilight actresses will be featured on the cover, along with seven other actresses, in the upcoming March issue of Vanity Fair. The cover and pictorial spread, which was shot in December and photographed by Annie Leibovitz, has all of the girls looking flirty and feminine and of course beautiful! The issue will hit shelves on Friday, February 5 in the US.

Check out Vanity Fair’s behind-the-scenes look of the shoot


Ashley Greene: New Skateland Clip!

Check out this new clip from Ashley Greene’s upcoming flick, Skateland!

In the flick, also starring Haley Ramm and Shiloh Fernandez, follows Ritchie Wheeler, who is entering a transitional phase of his adolescence and trying to work out the changes going on in his home life and all around him.

The film premiered during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah late last month.

“Skateland” Clip #1


Have you pre-ordered ‘New Moon’ yet? Will you get several copies just to get all the swag?

I cannot wait to see ‘Remember Me’! It seems so long ago when I was working background on the set with Robert and Emilie. They had such great chemistry in real life I cannot wait to see it translate on the big screen!

The girls in the Vanity Fair spread look gorgeous! What did you think of the slideshow?

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