“ASK ROB” ON FACEBOOK Summit is wasting no time with their protégé Robert Pattinson who helped the movie studio bring in over a billion dollars with the uber fame of The Twilight Saga.  As The Twilight Saga: New Moon fever chills out, the Remember Me fever begins to heat up.  To create buzz, Rob himself will be answering your questions left on the Remember Me Facebook page.

Rob’s next film, before The Twilight Saga: Eclipse debuts in June, is another Summit film, Remember Me.  Starring heartthrob Robert Pattinson, Lost hottie Emilie De Ravin, and the always dapper Pierce Brosnan, the film takes an inside look into the lives of two lovers that must battle family tragedies.   This will be a new role for fans to see Pattinson in and will be different from the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight.

The Facebook contest was just announced and there has already been over 3,000 questions added to the page.  Rob will be selecting a number of questions and will be answering them via a video that will be posted on Facebook.   People from all over the world are leaving the questions for Rob and so far these are great questions.

  • What attracted you to take on this film?  Was it the storyline/script?  The character?  The cast?
  • We would like to know what were the most fun scenes for you to shoot and was it hard because of the paparazzi always being present on set?

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IS THERE A FORKS REALITY SHOW IN THE WORKS? A casting call has gone out for Forks residents (yes, you must permanently live in the town!) to try out for a proposed reality show, reports the Forks Forum. Little information was given about the nature of the show, which left us imagining what some of our favorite reality shows would look like if they were given the Forks treatment…

 “Survivor: Forks”

The coven has spoken! Two teams of unwitting humans are released into the vampire- and werewolf-invested forests of the Olympic Peninsula. The last contestant standing with all his/her blood and limbs in tact wins.

“Real World: Forks”

This is the true story, of seven strangers (not all entirely human), picked to live in the woods and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when vampires stop being polite and start getting real … real bloody.

“Fork of Love”

One lucky lumberjack must date 15 logger groupies, eliminating one each week until he finds his one true Fork of Love. Weekly challenges include tree climbing, chainsaw juggling, and a flannel bikini contest.

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So, what do you think of todays Twilight Saga news?