THE SCIENCE BEHIND TEAM EDWARD While fictional vampires are certainly very popular, there are cases of “real” vampires that have completely different origins. Culturally, vampires are relevant worldwide. Paul Barber, an anthropologist and author of “Vampires, Burial, and Death,” explains that almost every culture has a version of the vampire. Paul states that vampires “have a surprising resemblance to the European vampire.”

The belief in vampires comes from superstitions and mistaken suppositions about post-mortem decay. The first accounts of vampires can be found during the European Middle Ages. The stories follow a consistent plot: something horrible would happen to a person, a family, or a town. Before, there were no scientists that could explain weather patterns (that can cause droughts), or germ theory (which causes infectious diseases), therefore any bad event with no obvious explanation could easily be blamed on a vampire. Villagers believed they were cursed and decided to combine this with the horrors they felt over the dead. This led to the conclusion that possibly recently buried people were at fault, because they came back from their graves to do malicious things.

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WHAT WILL SUMMIT DO AFTER THE TWILIGHT SAGA IS DONE? Summit Entertainment, the company that produces and distributes the “Twilight” movies, apparently doesn’t intend to get out of the vampire business after it finishes adapting Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling series of novels. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog is reporting that the company is readying “Vlad,” a script by actor Charlie Hunnam, and is in negotiations with music video and photographer Anthony Mandler to direct the project. Brad Pitt is producing with Dede Gardner via the duo’s Plan B Entertainment production shingle.  Clearly, even superstars are aware of the current box clout of the undead.  (Robert Downey, Jr., reportedly has been offered the role of the vampire Lestat in a reboot of Anne Rice’s vampire novels.)

There are only four “Twilight” novels to date, climaxing with “Breaking Dawn,” which has yet to go before the cameras. Summit Entertainment is said to be seriously considering breaking “Dawn” into two movies. Even if they do, with “Eclipse,” the third movie in the series already filmed and due for release in June, the series will be finished after two more movies.

 “Vlad” centers on Dracula as a young prince. Vlad Tepes is an actual historical figure, a fifteenth century warlord in the area of eastern Europe sometimes known as Transylvania. He’s known to history as Vlad the Impaler, a nickname he acquired because of his favorite method of disposing of military and political enemies, or frankly, pretty much anyone who annoyed him. Another nickname he picked up along the way was “Dracula,” which means “son of the devil” or “son of the dragon.”

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