Dakota Fanning Named Homecoming Queen (Again)

For the second year in a row, Dakota Fanning has been named Homecoming Queen at Campbell Hall, a private school in North Hollywood.


Breaking Dawn Filming Updates from Brazil

Filming continues on the highly anticipated honeymoon scenes between Edward and Bella  in Brazil.  The Internet is buzzing with fan photos and videos from the various sets showing Rob and Kristen in character kissing, boating, and enjoying a street carnival.  The cast and crew have moved on to an island to film the Isle Esme scenes.  Director Bill Condon held a press conference yesterday and provided several updates including:

  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are enjoying the outpouring of fan love. He added that he was enjoying it too.
  • Isle Esme [scenes] will be filmed in Mamanguá in Paraty, on the southern coast of Rio.
  • Wyck Godfrey stated that they were done filming in Rio.
  • The Isle Esme location is remote and under tight security all personnel working there have been instructed to leave all recording devices, cameras, smart photos, etc. at home or they will be confiscated. Anyone found taping illegally faces serious fines and/or prosecution.

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Ashley Greene Turns Down Playboy Offer

Ashley Greene was reportedly offered $75,000 to pose naked for Playboy and reports are that she declined the offer.  Some speculate that the refusal was becaus of her relationship with Joe Jonas. 

Are the reports from the “Breaking Dawn” set getting you psyched about the film?

I have to admit that if Ashley did turn Playboy down, I’m proud of her.  I am irked by the speculation that she did it because of her boyfriend.  Why can’t it be simply because she didn’t want to for her own personal reasons?  Not to mention…for all we know, there may be a morals clause in her contract with Summit that prevents her from appearing naked.  She is a major character in a series of PG-13 movies based on books written by a devout Mormon, after all. 

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