‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ soundtrack cover and ‘Score’ release date revealed

As you know, the album is available for pre-ordering at various venues, and its release date is set for June 8th.

Also revealed by Amazon is the release date for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: The Score by Howard Shore. It, which is also available for pre-ordering, will be released on June 29th (the same date as the Official Illustrated Movie Companion)!


‘Twilight’ Fashion Week Highlights ‘Eclipse’ Merch Welcome to the second “Twilight” Fashion Week! Thanks to our pals at Nordstrom, we recently received a top-secret box of T-shirts, dresses, makeup and other goodies that won’t hit the store’s shelves until June 4. Once again, we’ve recruited our hardworking interns to pose as our fashion models (they were more excited than a Cullen stumbling upon a tasty deer).

Nordstrom and Summit Entertainment joined together to sell an exclusive fashion collection inspired by the third feature in the “Twilight” saga. Created by Awake Inc., the collection allows fans to create head-to-toe looks inspired by two of the films’ main female characters: Ashley Greene’s Alice and Kristen Stewart’s Bella. The idea is that, as you combine lacy tops, miniskirts, striped or floral dresses, skinny jeans and cardigans, you’ll feel like a Stephenie Meyer creation yourself. Everything previewed this week ranges in price from $30 (for the tees) to $52 (for the dresses).

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Dear Summit Entertainment, Please Release A New ‘Eclipse’ Poster In the movie poster for Eclipse that was released in March (left), Bella, Edward, and Jacob are all facing forward with grim expressions and a stormy background. We were pumped to get new Eclipse material, but this poster was pretty much a giant snoozefest. We’ve seen this pose already on New Moon posters (right), and even the sequel’s DVD cover (middle) bares a striking resemblance to the third movie’s poster.

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I can’t wait for the Eclipse soundtrack and the days just can’t get nearer to be able to hear the new song!! I have my Twilight and New Moon Companion, so this one  has to go on my collection too 🙂 What Eclipse merch will you be getting?

What do you think of the new fashion collection inspired by the Twilight Saga?

I would really like to see another Eclipse poster, these ones shown do have a little of similarities. And the one in the middle I hadn’t seen before. What would you like to see in a new Eclipse poster?