More Sexy Times In “Breaking Dawn”?

According to an E! News source, there will be more sexy times for Edward in Bella in the big screen version of “Breaking Dawn”.  They say that there will be more sex scenes between the newlyweds than were included in the book. 

“It’s dead on with the book,” the source says of Melissa Rosenberg’s script. “In fact, there is a little more sex in the movie, and more sexual dialogue. The script is actually good. Really good.”

“The script has a pretty sexual tone with a lot of the characters this time around, not just Edward and Bella,” the source added.

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And the Oscar Goes To…Robert Pattinson?

We reported earlier this month about the Oscar buzz circulating around Kristen Stewart for her performance in “Welcome To the Rileys”.  Now there’s a little bit of buzz for Robert Pattinson for his work in “Water for Elephants”.  His co-star, Oscar winner Christopher Waltz, had nothing but praise for Rob’s performance in the film.

According to MTV, when asked where he keeps the iconic statue, Christopher replied: “It’s in my house, but the way things are looking, I might have to hand it off to Rob next year!”

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“New Moon” Composer Named Composer Of the Year

Alexandre Desplat, the composer for the score of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, was recently named Film Composer Of the Year at the World Soundtrack Awards.  This is the second year in a row for Desplat to take the honor.  In addition to “New Moon”, he also created the soundtracks for “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “Julie & Julia” and “The Ghost Writer.”

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What do you think of the possibility of a little more sexy times between Edward and Bella?  Seeing how the film will have a PG-13 rating, I don’t expect that it will be like the fan-fiction written to fill the void that many feel exists in the book. And, let’s not forget that Stephenie Meyer is a producer for the film!  It will be interesting to see what Melissa Rosenberg has written for them. 

Wow…high praise for Rob from Mr. Waltz!  I absolutely loved Waltz’ performance in “Inglourious Basterds” and he really deserved the Oscar that he won.  I hate that we have to wait until April to see “Water for Elephants”.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

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