Kristen Stewart In “Welcome To the Rileys” – Is It Oscar-Worthy? takes a look at Kristen Stewart’s performance in her upcoming release of “Welcome To the Rileys” and speculates on the potential Oscar buzz surrounding her acting with co-star James Gandolfini:

Kristen Stewart has finally shed her Twilight Saga skin in the indie film Welcome to the Rileys, with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo. This wonderful look into the human condition is complicated, riveting and sheds a refreshing light on Stewart’s dormant acting abilities. The movie was a hit at Sundance this year, and there is already Oscar buzz in the air.

Stewart also takes a different path in that she is actually acting and not turning in another wooden, brooding performance like she does in the Twilight Saga franchise. Her acting abilities seemed to peak when she did Panic Room with Jody Foster but it appears Welcome to the Rileys, director Jake Scott pulled something out of her. That’s good news for those who were concerned about Stewart’s ability to pull off the emotionally difficult Renesemee birthing scenes in Breaking Dawn. 


Judging from the trailer, what do you think of Kristen’s acting?  Do you think that this role could put her into the realm of Oscar-worthy actresses?  Join us in the forum and share your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you!