Christina Ricci Joining Robert Pattinson In ‘Bel Ami’


“New York, I Love You” star Christina Ricci is reportedly joining Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman in the film “Bel Ami,” according to a tweet from A rep for Ricci had not responded to MTV News’ requests for comment at press time.

“Bel Ami,” filming for which is slated to begin next month in Paris, is an adaptation of an 1885 Guy de Maupassant short story and stars Pattinson as young journalist George Duroy, who rises from rags to riches by seducing Paris’ influential society women. Ricci will play Clotilde de Marelle, the wife of an oft-away railway inspector who strikes up a relationship with Duroy. The film also stars Thurman as Clotilde’s friend Madeleine Forestier, a onetime friend and mentor who becomes Duroy’s lover, and Kristin Scott Thomas as another of Duroy’s socialite paramours.


‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,’ the quest for a director


To those who are still keeping score, the vetting pool for a director of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn continues to deepen by the very day.

The more castmates that speak on the matter, the more potential selections there are. (Not to mention, fans themselves have their own opinions on the matter of director-choosing.)

It all started back in August, when we discussed the fact that fans want The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz to come back and helm the fourth (and perhaps fifth, if there is one). A vociferous “Yes!” was exclaimed almost universally throughout the comments.


Robert Pattinson On-Set ‘Twilight: New Moon’ Interview


Robert Pattinson on-set ‘Twilight: New Moon’ interview. The second installment in Summit Entertainment’s extremely popular and successful vampire series titled “Twilight Saga: New Moon” has been out for months, yet new updates for the movie have yet to die down. In fact, we got our hands on a brand new, on-set interview with star Robert Pattinson who discusses his character and much more! You can read on to check it out.


Twilight’s Ashley Greene Teams With Gossip Girl Star For New Horror Movie


According to Access Hollywood, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse movie star, Ashley Greene has gotten another acting gig. This one will be in a new horror movie called, “The Apparition.” Ashley Greene is most recognizable for her role as Alice Cullen in the “Twilight Saga” movies and she’ll be teaming up with “Gossip Girl” star, Sebastian Stan in this new horror flick. Sebastian plays Carter Baizen on the Gossip Girl show.

The “Apparition” movie is reportedly inspired by true events, and focuses on a young couple who become haunted by evil spirits after a college experiment goes wrong. It is scheduled to start filming on February 1, and will wrap up sometime in April of this year.


Watch Possible Scene From ‘Twilight: Eclipse’


We aren’t posting the clip here, but the link does contain the clip.


This video has been floating around the web for quite some time, yet we weren’t sure of the clip’s root thus we kept from posting it. However, it’s gained quite a bit of popularity as of recent thus we decided to let you guys check it out to see what you think.

The following video is said to part of the opening scene for “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, the third installment in Summit Entertainment’s extremely popular and successful franchise. Again, we have yet to confirm that this is an actual scene from the movie, but that’s what’s being said.


Peter Facinelli…Because He’s Just So Darn Cute

How can you not love Peter Facinelli?!  He does an outstanding job of playing our favorite doctor-vampire, he has a great sense of humor, and loves his wife and kids.  He recently posted this on his Twitter account and you can’t help but get

My 3 year old makes me dance to this song every night before she goes to bed. Now its stuck in my head. BOUNCE…

Now that the Bel Ami casting is falling in place, it’s evident that Hollywood certainly thinks much more of Robert than many of the bloggers do.  That’s a pretty impressive cast that they are pulling together!

The Examiner article doesn’t really tell us much that we don’t already know, but it puts several opinions all in one place to get a feel for what the cast members are thinking about directorial choices.  I’m with Peter…I want Chris Weitz back!!

While there are no earth-shattering revelations in the Rob interview, I always enjoy listening to him speak.  He could sit and read a cookbook and I’d be captivated by it.

Ashley’s upcoming movie sounds interesting.  I like the fact that it’s reported to be based on true events…but we heard that this fall with “Paranormal Activity”, right?  LOL!

If you aren’t already following Peter Facinelli on Twitter, I highly recommend that you do.  He doesn’t just use it for his own self-promotion.  He does a lot of good with it, particularly for Red Cross blood drives and for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  The insight into his personality and character just from his Twitter account is amazing.

What do you think of today’s Twilight Saga news?  Join us in the forum – we’d love to hear from you!