Can You Tell the Difference Between Twilight and New Moon?

Robert and Kristen have been in hiding since they were spotted together on New Year’s Eve, but this week they’re both slated to make public appearances — Rob’s included among the presenters at Friday’s Haiti telethon, and Kristen will debut her latest film The Runaways at the Sundance Film Festival. In preparation for the reemergence of your favorite couple test your Twilight and New Moon knowledge with our new game!


Echoes of Ireland in Showtime’s ‘Twilight’ series

If vampires feeding on human beings doesn’t sound like anything new, that’s because it’s not. When Dublin writer Bram Stoker wrote Dracula, he was writing in the aftermath of a feeding frenzy–An Gorta Mór–the Irish famine, when the landed gentry feasted on the produce of a starving people.

The Twilight series on Showtime might seem remote from Stoker’s Victorian era literature, but vampire mythology has become so rich that the social critique motives of Stoker are alive and well in today’s reworkings.

The first human being to be eaten by vampires in the first Twilight movie–I can’t stomach to watch anymore–is a whiskey-swigging “Irish guy” wearing a “Kiss Me I’m…” t-shirt with a big four leaf clover on it. Vampires–Victoria and James primarily–swoop down on the defenseless man, taunt him like superior beings toying with prey, and then murder and eat him. Victoria is later seen wearing the shamrock tee as a trophy of the kill.

The first half of this teenage romance horror movie spells out the vampire and werewolf mythology used by the Twilight franchise. The second half devolves into a cliché battle between hero and villain for the safety of the defenseless human female who will so love the vampire as to redeem the bloood-sucker by submitting her humanity to his capricious vegetarianism version of vampirism. It’s not so different from Stoker’s work, which had a metaphorical dimension understood on some social satire level to the producers of the first Twilight movie I was roped into watching last night.


‘Twilight’ star Justin Chon reveals he was inspired by Kristen Stewart to join the film

If anyone’s counting, make that two Twilight stars that were inspired to join the franchise by Kristen Stewart’s performance in Into The Wild.

Notoriously, Robert Pattinson auditioned for the role of “Edward Cullen” because of Stewart’s phenomenal portrayal of “Tracy Tatro,” and, now, Justin Chon (“Eric Yorkie”) has revealed that he, too, came into readings for the part because of her work.

Chon did a very interesting and revealing interview with the Korea Times where he talked about his start in the film industry, noting that he expected his catapult to be his film Crossing Over, not Twilight. He also revealed that he was, initially, uninterested in auditioning for the role of “Eric” but reconsidered when he saw who was attached to the project.

Chon initially did not want to even audition for “Twilight” but he changed his mind once he heard that the indie filmmaker Hardwicke was directing and that Kristen Stewart was part of the cast. He had been impressed by the actress in “Into the Wild”; and during his own trip to Alaska, he camped near the film site.

Very interesting, huh? Note that the interview with Korea Times is very comprehensive and makes for a good, informative read.


Were you able to guess correctly the difference between Twilight and New Moon pictures?

I wouldn’t be surprised if more of the actors admitted to wanting to work on Twilight because of Kristen Stewart. She is a great dramatic actress and I think anyone would feel lucky working with her.

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