Wal-Mart Is Making You Choose Who You Love More: Vampires Or Werewolves!

Who will YOU choose: Edward or Jacob?

In anticipation of the Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD release on March 20, Wal-Mart is setting up separate ‘vampire’ and ‘wolf’ themed shops – so now you’re really going to have to choose who you love the most: vamp Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) or were-boy Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). What to do, what to do??

The stores will carry clothing, jewelry, and Twilight paraphernalia galore, as well as the Wal-mart exclusive Ultimate Fan Edition New Moon DVD.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Fame: Kristen Stewart’ Comic Book Preview

First it was Lady Gaga on the cover of Bluewater Productions’ new line of “Fame” biography comics, then it was “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson. Now Pattinson’s “Twilight” co-star, Kristen Stewart, will make her debut as a comic book cover girl — and we have your exclusive first look.

Written by Kim Sherman (who also penned the Robert Pattinson “Fame” comic) with interior art by Warren Martineck and covers by Juanmar Studios and Randy Green, “Fame: Kristen Stewart” promises to “show readers the depth residing in this young woman and the roles she’s beautifully tackled through a series of spot shots, pinups and word art.” The 32-page comic hits shelves in June.

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‘New Moon’ director gets away from frenzy

Chris Weitz was determined to get the moon right. And when you have a movie about vampires and werewolves whose fans pay attention to every detail, it’s important to get the moon right.

For the director of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” though, the impetus for showing the moon phase properly in the shot that opens the film was an astrophysicist, not a Twihard.

“I went to a lecture by Neil deGrasse Tyson where he’s complaining that they’d gotten the stars in ‘Titanic’ wrong,” Weitz said. “So his voice was in the back of my head, that we had to get the phase of the moon properly.”

“New Moon,” which comes out on DVD Saturday, did a lot of things properly, indicated by the fans’ support. Though “Twilight,” the first film in the series, received respectful reviews and good box office, “New Moon” — which continues the story of lovestruck human Bella and vampire Edward — was the bigger blockbuster, outgrossing the first film by more than $100 million domestically and earning more than $700 million worldwide.

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An open letter to Walmart….

Dear Walmart,

WTF? Are you trying to start a riot? Do you want to watch Team Edward and Team Jacob kick the crap out of each other? Cause, yeah, I totally see that happening. Have fun with that.


Why did Kristen get a comic? Please explain that to me.

I have a lot of respect for Chris Weitz. He tried hard to get it right and he did a damn good job. What do you think of the interview with Chris and what he had to say?