Alfred Angelo Celebrates the Twilight Wedding Today via PRWeb

Alfred Angelo has been named the exclusive and official licensed manufacturer of Bella’s bridal gown, which appears in Summit Entertainment’s upcoming release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1, due in theaters on November 18, 2011.

The gown will be a replica of the wedding dress worn by Kristen Stewart in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1. It will be priced in line with Alfred Angelo’s popular bridal collection, and available in sizes 0 to 30W to fit every Twilight bride.

Her gown, marketed under the brand Twilight Bridal by Alfred Angelo, will be unveiled in late November 2011 following the release of the movie, and will be available in Alfred Angelo Signature Stores and independent retailers worldwide.

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Dolled Up Kristen Stewart Dishes On Twilight Wedding In W Magazine via Radar

Inside, the 21-year-old Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn star talks about the thrill of filming wedding scenes with real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

“This was my first wedding. It was insane. And odd,” Stewart tells W.

“The wedding dress experience was a huge deal. I tried on one version of the dress, and it was like tweak and tweak and alter and tweak and change, and then it’s done.”

“And the last scene of the shoot was at the wedding. Every single character was there on set. At the end of that day, I was kind of whacked,” she explains.

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‘Twilight’ news wrap: full-sized ‘Breaking Dawn’ poster revealed via Examiner

A full-sized The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 poster has been unveiled. The last Breaking Dawn poster we saw – released at Comic-Con – was similar, but the characters were all situated differently, and, of course, we couldn’t see their legs. What do you think of the new shot? I rather like it. “Bella” (Kristen Stewart) isn’t the odd human out in this one. Both she and “Jacob” (Taylor Lautner) look like they belong squarely where they are standing, “flanked” by the “Cullens.” That is one aspect of Breaking Dawn I look forward to seeing – the fellowship that these characters all develop over the course of the story.

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New Breaking Dawn Photos: Jacob vs. Rosalie! Bella’s Wedding Day! More! via The Hollywood Gossip

The just-released slew of new Breaking Dawn photos? Totally and completely awesome!

In the following photo montage, courtesy of Summit Entertainment, we bear witness to: Jacob staring down Rosalie, Edward and Bella cuddling up on their honeymoon, Edward in a speedboat, Bella in ecstasy and the pre-wedding preparation for what the Breaking Dawn trailer dubs “the event that will change everything.”

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I’m glad Alfred Angelo is making the replica gowns. That means they’ll actually be affordable (as wedding dresses go). Kristen doesn’t look like herself in that photo shoot. But she apparently talks more about the dress in the interview. I am SO excited to see the picture of Rosalie and Jacob! I hope they leave the blonde jokes in (or Rosalie “feeding” Jacob)!

What do you think of the poster? What about the new pictures?