Luaine over at CharlotteObserver had this to say about the Vampire Diaries.

This series is etched by writer Kevin Williamson (best known for his pace-setting “Dawson’s Creek”) and his sometime co-writer Julie Plec. Based on the books by L.J. Smith, “Vampire Diaries” not only owes its heritage to the vampire mythology, but goes back even further to the Cain and Able conflict.

At first Williamson was reluctant to follow the fad. But he and Plec had worked together on “Scream” and wanted to join forces again. “We were like, ‘Well, OK, all right. We’ll see what we can do.’ And once we got into it, it’s sort of a challenge. It’s like, ‘What can we do differently? What can we add to it?'” says Williamson.

The pilot was particularly difficult to write, he says. “Because it does have a lot of similarities to ‘Twilight,’ and there’s no way around it.”

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I’m glad that Kevin Williamson knows the Vampire Diaries has many of similarities to Twilight. Since I haven’t read the books yet, I’m eager to see how they make it different!

Are you ready for September 10th premiere?