Stefan, Damon ‘will switch on Diaries’

By Catriona Wightman at Digital Spy
Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have claimed that their characters Damon and Stefan will switch personalities in the next season of The Vampire Diaries.

“[Stefan] is always going to be protective of Elena, but there are times that he is going to be tempted by blood,” Wesley said. “He’s a vampire and he has malice inside him. I think it would be a mistake to ignore that.”

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via the Futon Critic
BIO Channel brings “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” it’s most watched original series of all time, back to showcase more celebrities as they share their true, personal encounters with the paranormal and premieres the all-new series, “My Ghost Story” showcasing real people who captured their paranormal experience on camera. “Celebrity Ghost Stories” returns for a second season featuring 18 one-hour episodes on Saturday, July 17 at 10PM ET/ 11PM PT, followed up by the series premiere of “My Ghost Story” at 10PM ET/11PM PT.

“My Ghost Story” features true and astonishing stories of the paranormal, told by the people who lived through them – and actually caught it on tape. From moving furniture to dark apparitions to violent poltergeists, these harrowing eye-witness accounts of the unexplainable are transformed into more than tales with terrifying visual evidence. Everybody has a ghost story, but these people have theirs on film.

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‘Game of Thrones’ trailer to debut on HBO Sunday

By Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune

Word began leaking out last night — via a tweet from HBO — that we’ll be getting our first look at “Game of Thrones” tonight on HBO.

Today, on HBO’s Facebook page, the network said this: “Tonight, turn to HBO at 8:45 ET/PT for a very special ‘True Blood’ pre-show and get a taste of what’s to come on ‘Hung,’ ‘Entourage,’ ‘Bored to Death,’ ‘Eastbound and Down’ and our newest dramas, ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Game of Thrones.'”

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Television is officially better than movies. Is this bad news for science fiction?

By Charlie Jane Anders at io9
It’s official, according to Entertainment Weekly’s Mark Harris: television is better than movies now. We’re in the middle of a summer of by-the-numbers movies, while TV is blazing new trails. Too bad science fiction rules the movies instead of TV.

Apparently this is the worst summer for movie box office in ages, according to Harris’ article – which came out before The Karate Kid became a surprise hit, so there’s that.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to dispute that television has become the more revolutionary medium in recent years, thanks to shows like Glee, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Lost, True Blood, Dexter and so on. But this is a hard message for genre fans to hear, at a time when the failure rate for science fiction and fantasy shows seems even higher than normal. And it’s hard not to notice that the standard list of ground-breaking, innovative shows usually only includes a couple of genre shows – while any list of the biggest movies of the past few years will be dominated by science fiction films.

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The case for a new Star Trek series

By Andrew Belonsky at io9
The televisual grounds are fertile for a new Trek installment. With Lost, 24 and Ugly Betty all off the air, and Sci-Fi smash Battlestar Galactica‘s cultural influence ebbing, viewers will be hungry for compelling action, adventure and romance. And space presents endless possibilities. But what would be appealing to people who have fond Trek memories, although aren’t rabid fans? The people like me [men 19-49] who can bring in big ratings? I asked some of my peers that exact question.

A new series would need to address timely, relevant questions. How does the Utopia-esque Federation of Planets incorporate its globes and colonies? How do you balance innate cultures with the Federation’s lofty ideals? “Star Trek is all about finding new cultures and, when possible, adding them to the Federation,” wondered my friend Teelin. “In the stories it always is a good thing, but in reality whenever that happens we force religion and bring smallpox.” The Federation would become the European Union of a fictionalized future.

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I’m really looking forward to Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries. I was ready not to like it when it started and I’m addicted now. And I’m so excited for Game of Thrones! Excited enough that I will buy HBO when the series starts. And I would love to see another Star Trek show. I miss Voyager.

What did you think of the Game of Thrones preview? What do you think of the Vampire Diaries spoiler? Do you think TV or movies are better?