Red-Hot Red Carpet: True Blood Season 3 Premiere

The wait is almost over! Last night the cast and creators of HBO’s hit vampire series True Blood celebrated the premiere of the show’s third season, with head bloodsuckers Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård both adding some actual romance to the evening


Exclusive: Rhona Mitra Opens Up ‘The Gates’

How did you get involved in The Gates? What drew you to this project?

From what I understand, the producers were pretty far along in the casting process, but they were having a hard time finding my character. I think that they had reached out to see if I was available, but I wasn’t. I changed agencies, and someone from the show was with this agency as well. My name was brought up, and this person said that they didn’t think I would be available, but as it turned out, I was.

They sent me the script on a Friday, and I would have had to start the next week, so I had to make a quick decision and get my tushy down to Louisiana and morph into a vampire/housewife. As fate would have it, the creators of the show, a husband-wife team, Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews, are actually people I had met before, socially, who said they wanted to work with me. I hadn’t put two and two together. They did.

What can you tell us about your character, Claire?

Claire is, on the surface, a wonderful, beautiful, pristine wife and mother. She has an abundance of elegance and decorum, and culinary skills! But that is just on the surface. She lives in a community where appearances are everything. Everything revolves around what your neighbors think, behaving a certain way, and keeping up to certain standards. With all that comes a lot of pressure, for anyone. But in Claire’s case, not only does she have to sustain a certain image, but she is concealing a dark secret of “addiction,” in a basic sense.

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Devo to Get Animated for ‘Futurama’ 100th Episode

New wave rockers Devo are to get animated to celebrate the 100th episode of cult show “Futurama”. The futuristic Matt Groening series was canceled in 2003 but fans brought it back to life.

To celebrate the 100th show, Groening asked his musical heroes to be a part of the show and they agreed to play mutant rights activists. The episode comes as Devo stage a comeback of their own – their upcoming “Something for Everybody” will be the band’s first album in 20 years.

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The wait is almost over. We will be seeing a new True Blood episode Sunday night. I’m so excited!!!

The Gates is looking pretty interesting, do you plan on watching it?

LOL@Devo, that is too funny!