HBO’s A Game of Thrones – time to learn Dothraki!

Jay Tomio at BCS Review
I just got this from HBO, and it looks like fans of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series are getting the ultimate sign of making it in the nerd kingdom–our own secret language! Move over Klingon and Sindarin fluent losers brethren, and get ready for the stallion that mounts the world. According to the release, the honors went to David J. Peterson (not Mouse Guard):

“David J. Peterson, an expert language creator from the Language Creation Society (LCS), has been chosen to create the Dothraki language for HBO’s upcoming fantasy series GAME OF THRONES, based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin…The LCS solicited and vetted a number of proposals for the Dothraki language from its pool of experts, with Peterson’s proposal ultimately being selected by the GAME OF THRONES production team.”

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Will Dr. Horrible 2 resurrect Penny? She talks!

By Fred Topel at Sci Fi Wire
We have a lot of hopes for a sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Could it be a theatrical movie, as Neil Patrick Harris has said? Can we just hear some more Joss Whedon songs? Most importantly, is there any way to bring the lovely Penny (Felicia Day) back from the dead? Pretty please? (Possible spoilers ahead!)

Fans know that Day’s character perished at the end of Dr. Horrible. But Day confirmed to us that she is still in touch with the team that created Dr. Horrible, including Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancheroen, and she says they haven’t forgotten about Penny: “You know, I’m always socially involved with the Whedon clan, because they’re awesome and they love to have soirees,” Day said Sunday in Los Angeles on the red carpet for the Streamy Awards. “I e-mail back and forth all the time.”

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True Blood Season 3 Photos

By Rachel Thomas at

Vampires, humans and werewolves – oh my! HBO’s hit series True Blood returns on June 13, 2010 for season 3, and there are some unfamiliar faces arriving in Bon Temps… and you can be sure that some of these new characters will cause trouble for Sookie, Jason, Bill and the rest of our favorite living and undead residents.

Anxious to see what the new werewolf and vampires look like? We’ve put together a photo gallery to help satisfy those cravings you’ve had all winter long…

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I am very excited about the Game of Thrones news for two reasons: 1) they’re creating the language and 2) now I know that there is a Language Creation Society! That such a thing exists in SO cool! …I’m a nerd aren’t I? Moving along…I would love to see Penny back in Dr. Horrible, and I’m sure it would be done well.

What do you think of the True Blood pictures? What are you looking forward to in season 3? Do you want to see a Dr. Horrible 2?