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Sci-fi series finds Sanctuary on TV Riese, the heroine of the online sci-fi thriller series that bears her name, kicks ass and take names.

The evil occupiers of her nation of Elysia, have cast her out as prey. She’s intense and, if her producers get their way, she’s eager to jump from the Internet to the TV screens of hordes of sci-fi steampunk fantasy fans around the world.

Riese’s cliffhanging series debut hit the web Nov. 2, and has since been seen by more than 40,000 visitors at The second episode aired Monday (Nov. 16).

In a tight broadcast economy, and without an established brand or comic-book hero to lure longtime fans, sci-fi producers are eyeing the Internet to launch their shows, with an eventual landing to TV screens.

But the path can be brutal. It’s fraught with challenges and some regret for the people behind Sanctuary, the most successful made-in-Vancouver web to TV crossover so far.

“I would definitely recommend going online with a series, but not the way we did it,” says Amanda Tapping, the lead actor and executive producer of the multiple-Gemini-nominated Sanctuary, which debuted its second season in September.

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What’s Your Favorite Moment from ‘Supernatural’ Season 5? With eight weeks of no new Supernatural on the horizon, we’re taking a look back at the first half of season 5.  This year has seen plenty of big moments on Supernatural, including the rise of Lucifer, the return of hunters and demons from the past, Paris Hilton, the Trickster, a search for God, the Anti-Christ and an angel in a whorehouse.

But what were your favorite moments, scenes and quotes from season 5 so far?  Leave a comment below with your favorite moment and tell us why you loved it.  It can be a scene, a quote, a weird facial expression, a great piece of music or whatever else you’d like.  Then we’ll pick the best of your suggestions and compile our list of the best moments of Supernatural season 5.

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Alexander Skarsgard Denies Romancing Kate Bosworth; Says Expect More Nudity & Sex On True Blood Relax ladies, Alexander Skarsgard is still on the market. At Wednesday night’s GQ Men of the Year party at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood, the True Blood star told exclusively that he and Kate Bosworth are just friends.

“I’m not dating anyone, those are just rumors,” he laughed. When asked if there were any special women in his life, the hunky actor replied “my mom and my sister.”

Skarsgard was one of the night’s special guests; he was honored as one of the “Men Who Saved HBO”.

For the record, Kate also attended Wednesday night’s party but avoided the red carpet, sneaking quietly into the hotel instead.

Skarsgard, 33, who plays brooding vampire Eric Northman on the HBO hit series True Blood, will begin shooting season three along with the rest of the cast later this month. The actor told that fans can expect a lot more from Eric this time around.

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Episode Preview: The Vampire Diaries: 1.10: “The Turning Point” The Vampire Diaries is heating up the small screen.  Vicki (Kayla Ewell) is no longer with us and Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) knows that she is gone and will miss her but knows that it is for the best.  Jeremy miraculously turned into the young man he was on his way to being before the death of his parents.  He is not doing drugs and staying out all night and best of all he is trying to complete his school work and catch up.  There is a new history teacher who gives Jeremy an assignment of writing a local history paper to boost his grade.

Jeremy took his aunt’s advice and went through some old family boxes.  He found a diary in the box and began reading through it.  The hot new history teacher is also full of mystery and left many clues that he is a vampire himself.  He talked long into the evening with Jenna, Jeremy’s aunt, and took her home.  He waited on the threshold to be invited in and when Jenna (Sara Canning) chose not to he left without making a fuss.  He also had a ring such as the ring the Salvatore brothers wear.  Damon (Ian Somerhalder) revealed his true purpose for being in Mystic Falls.

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The Vampire Diaries‘ Jasmine Guy and Katerina Graham Discuss Spoilers, Dance and Prince Proteges may hog the zeitgeist at the moment thanks to the fanaticism for Twilight and True Blood, but two cast members of the immensely popular CW hit drama The Vampire Diaries bring allure to the age-old TV favorite of witchcraft. Jasmine Guy, who thrilled us for six seasons as fussy southerner Whitley Gilbert-Wayne on A Different World and two seasons on Showtime’s underrated Dead Like Me, and newcomer Katerina Graham play a grandmother and granddaughter connected by their eerie abilities. Movieline caught up with the duo to discuss Vampire Diaries’s Atlanta HQ, how viewers can survive during the show’s hiatus, and the parts in the upcoming Soul Train movie that they’re willing to take.

The fans for this show are zealous! How does relating to the fans this time feel different than on your previous work? Let’s begin with Jasmine.
JG: I would think Vampire Diaries had a slightly younger demographic than the last thing I did, which was Dead Like Me, and that was more a sci-fi audience of mixed ages. And this is a little bit more an age of romance, the early 20s — when you still believe in [lowers voice] love and blood.

KG: The demographic is different than Dead Like Me, but I think it translates to an older audience as well. I’ve gotten fan letters from 50-year-old women with 9-year-old girls, to older women and older men.

JG: That’s ‘cuz y’all are so hot.

KG: [Laughs.]

JG: If anything, this is the most beautiful cast I’ve ever worked with.

KG: Aww!

JG: I saw y’all had a picture in the office. I said, “What’s that for? A photo shoot?” And they said, “No, that’s the cast.”

KG: [Laughs] That is funny.

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