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Steven Spielberg Looks To Adapt ‘Locke & Key’

Acclaimed film director Steven Spielberg is teaming up with writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto OrciFringe, Star Trek), as well as Josh FriedmanTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) to bring one of my favorite comic books, Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key, to the TV screen. Since I’ve been reading the comic book series, I’ve constantly felt the story would make a great mini-series, movie, or TV show, so it’s great to see some validation there. The comic book centers around a family that is constantly being forced into terrible situations ranging from death, alcoholism, the supernatural, and how they deal with each problem.

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David Anders Talks About Vampire Diaries Return

Source: TV Fanatic

David Anders does not know if his character on The Vampire Diaries is related to Katherine or not.

But the actor can confirm that he’ll return for season two of The CW hit, which kicks off on September 9 and which you can watch a preview for HERE.

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, the veteran TV star dishes on Uncle John and what the second season has in store for other residents of Mystic Falls…

What can we look forward to this season?
There’s the big werewolve storyline cooking up. As far as I’m concerned, Elena walks in after Katherine slices my fingers off and stabs me and she’s got a big decision to make. There’s a lot of Katherine and Elena. Nina’s got a lot of work.

Why did John kill Anna?
The fact that she’s a vampire. He saw that she might have dragged my nephew into vampiredom. I don’t think John approved of that. John is Jeremy’s only male figure in his life, so he treats it like a father/son relationship. It was a hard decision for the producers to make, to let her character go.

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Lost: The Complete Collection

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