Supernatural Spoiler: An Actress Returns in a Meta Way Source

Okay I loved all the meta episodes so I am so excited for this one! It better be awesome! Are you excited for this episode? Did you like meta episodes?

Supernatural Picture Preview: “Like a Virgin” Episode click HERE

Hmmm sounds like an interesting episode. Not sure what made them pick girls with purity rings. Maybe it’s because of the extreme popularity of them lately? Who knows. Do you watch Supernatural?

Casting Begins for Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome Prequel TV Series Source

Bahh! I don’t like Battlestar Galactica so why must they bring it back? Well atleast no one else in my house likes to watch it so I wont have to! Will you be watching Battlestar Galactica?

‘Diaries’ Caroline ‘has a new perspective’ Source

I still have yet to watch the second season of VD, so now I pretty much just ruined something that happens. Great! >.< well it’s to late now. Anyways did you like how Carolines character went?

First Photos: Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova View HERE

What do you think of the pictures? Are you going to watch Terra Nova? I don’t think I am . :/

Tim Kring wishes Heroes could have been more like Walking Dead Source

Maybe if Heroes was like Walking Dead, I would have watched it. LOL!

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead Pairing Up in July? Source

I personally think Walking Dead will do fine in July. I love the show, what about you guys?

First footage from Syfy’s 4-hour Peter Pan prequel miniseries Neverland Souce

Ahh I am so excited for another SyFy miniseries!! I loved Alice and Tin Man. Although I had heard that they where doing a snow white miniseries next? Apparently not and I’ve never been a fan of peter pan. But I’m sure I will love this one! Are you guys going to watch the miniseries? Have you seen Alice or Tin Man, did you like it?

Being Human – introduction Source

I’ve never seen Being Human, I heard it was good. Anyone watch it?