‘Vampire Diaries’ Interview: Matt Davis on the Finale, Isobel and Aliens

John Kubicek at Buddy TV
What’s in store for the final four episodes of the first season of The Vampire Diaries?  Don’t worry, there won’t be aliens, though star Matt Davis, who plays vampire-slaying history teacher Alaric Saltzman, did recently have a close encounter of the strange kind.

According to Davis, the final story arc centers on Uncle John as the bad guy against the unlikely team of Alaric and the Salvatore brothers.  “Alaric is in the process of helping Stefan and Damon.  Now that Uncle John has arrived, he’s our new nemesis, so he’s after this invention that this whole storyline involves.”  However, Davis added that he couldn’t talk too much about what the invention might be.

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TV Watchtower: Is ‘Lost’ Irreplaceable?

By Tiffany Vogt at Air Lock Alpha
Unlike its predecessors and comrades in the sci-fi realm, “Lost” did something utterly remarkable: It crossed television boundaries and amassed a viewership of more than 21 million viewers in its first season. Even as viewership began to decline in its later years, it never dipped below 9 million viewers -– a number that most current sci-fi shows cannot even come close to.

While newcomers “V” and “FlashForward” initially drew in excess of 14 million and 12 million viewers respectively, they were unable to retain those viewers and now are currently drawing an average of 5 million viewers, less than one half of what they originally had within their first seasons. The same holds true with “Heroes” which exceeded 16 million in its freshman year, and currently only pulls in 4 million viewers.

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Why ‘Doctor Who’ is the Closest Thing in Existence to Superhero Comics

By: David Uzumeri at Comics Alliance
More than anything else I’ve seen in any other medium, the British sci-fi show “Doctor Who” is the closest analogue to superhero comics I’ve found, particularly regarding the sense of deep, timeless continuity and permanency of characters and ideas that stretch back for decades upon decades. I came to the show very recently — within the past few months — and I’ve since caught up on every episode of both the modern incarnation of the main show and its spin-off “Torchwood”; I’ve figured out who the writers are and the major pre-modern stories. It’s been an experience very similar to both getting into comics for the first time as a kid and coming back in 2004 — maybe there’s a starting point with a new creative team, but you’re still jumping into an ongoing story midstream and having to pick up the background from context (and the Internet).

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I’m loving the Vampire Diaries, and I’m SO excited to see what’s coming up. I know the season finale is going to drive me crazy though.

What will you watch when Lost is over? Are you a fan of Doctor Who?