‘Vampire Diaries’ star: Another big death is coming

by Jacob Burch at On The Red Carpet

Actress Kayla Ewell made quite the slash (of blood that is) when her character Vicki was brutally killed with a stake off the CW’s hit show The Vampire Diaries.

She told us it was cool to be the show’s first human to transform into a vampire, and that her death was always planned, as in the books. She also said someone else is about to meet their end.

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Good News Everyone – First Futurama Returns Teaser Trailer Online Now!

by spiffy

You’ve seen it, and you can’t un-see it!  Futurama fans the world over have been waiting patiently for their favorite futuristic sci-fi comedy to follow fellow Fox favorite Family Guy’s return from cancellation, and after a series of successful DVD/Blu-ray movies, it’s finally happening this summer.

They’re back, baby!

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Why V’s Reality Makes Less Money Than Its Promise

By Graeme McMillan at io9
The ratings may have fallen during its four week run, but that didn’t stop ABC’s V from being one of the largest moneymakers on television last year. How good a position does that put the show in for next year?

Forbes lists V as the fifth largest moneyspinner on television in 2009, but notes that that’s mostly due to positive pre-premiere buzz, as opposed to the show itself:

“Unfortunately for those enthusiastic buyers who collectively shelled out $5.6 million per hour-long telecast, the remake of a popular 1980s miniseries shed more than a third of its audience over the course of its limited run, from an impressive 14.3 million viewers on premiere night to only 9.1 million.”

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I am SO excited for the return of Futurama!! It’s one of my favorite shows of all time, and I’m so glad there will be new episodes.

Who do you think will die on The Vampire Diaries? Will you watch the rest of V?