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via 5 Things I Want to See from Old Man Dean on ‘Supernatural’
Supernatural returns Thursday at 9pm with the first of four straight new episodes.  In “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester,” Dean plays a high stakes game of poker to try and get Bobby out of his wheelchair, but he ends up giving away years of his life, turning him into an old man.

Aside from a surprisingly random Grumpy Old Men reference, what more do we hope to see from senior citizen Dean Winchester?  Here are the five things I most want to see him do in this episode of Supernatural.

2. Eating an Early Bird Special: Dean loves to eat, but old people are always eating insanely early.  Combining these two things, who wouldn’t want to watch Dean scarf down a burger before holding his chest because of the intense heartburn?

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From Venkman at GeekTyrant: Will Smallville See a Season 10?
Smallville producers are pushing to get a tenth season out of of the series. Will it happen though? I sure hope so. As you know, I’m a big fan of Smallville and I know many of you are not, but season 9 has been pretty damn good so far. Executive producer Kelly Souders said,

“We are really, really pushing for season 10. We really hope it happens.”

As of right now, writers for the show are facing the challenge on how they are going to map out the second half of the season. Will it be a season finale or a series finale?

“It’s something that we faced last year, too. To try and break two different endings for a season kind of puts you at cross-purposes a little bit. For one, you’ll rev things up, and for another, you’re trying to bring everything to the finish line. But we’re really planning on breaking a season finale and not a series finale.”

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From MTV News: ‘Being Human’ Vampire Series Coming To U.S.
The Syfy television network plans to bring 13 episodes of the show to the small screen in the summer or fall of next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Being Human” follows the aforementioned vampire, along with a ghost and a werewolf — all in their 20s — as they live together and attempt to conceal their true identities.

“It turned out great as we can now do an American version,” Syfy president Dave Howe said. “We’ve always been keen on vampires and werewolves, and we loved the originality of ‘Being Human,’ the fact that the fantastical creatures in it are very young, accessible and charming.”

The Syfy version is projected to fit next to “Sanctuary” in the network’s lineup, another series with mystical, secretive elements to it. That show launched last year and is currently in the midst of its second season.

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By Carina MacKenzie at the Los Angeles Times: Kevin Williamson talks about the future of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and why high school is a ‘horror movie’
In addition to masterminding the “Scream” trilogy, writer/producer Kevin Williamson is the man responsible for the teen angst-fest “Dawson’s Creek,” which became the defining show for the WB network in the late ’90s. Now he’s at the helm of “The Vampire Diaries,” thus far the most successful original show to come from the CW since its launch in 2006. Last week, the network surprised no one by officially picking up “Diaries” for nine episodes in addition to the 13 already in the works.

One of the things I love about “The Vampire Diaries” is that it takes place in a small town. It makes it a little creepier. Plus it’s kind of refreshing to have this small town show, to get out of 90210 and the Upper East Side.

I can’t relate to the flashy big city stuff. I was a small town kid, so that’s what I know. If you look at any of my projects, it’s all small towns. Wasteland took place in New York City, but even then, I was writing about a group of people who came from a small town.

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Via Maisy Fernandez at TV Throwdown: True Blood Vs. The Vampire Diaries
Ten years ago, when a kid dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, you could safely assume he or she might be posing as Dracula.

But today, there’s no telling which blood-sucker might show up on doorsteps and at costume parties. Thanks to a host of television shows, books and movies, vampires are enjoying some time in the spotlight — and not just on Oct. 31.

As vampires go, Bill Compton and Stefan Salvatore are both the “nice guys” of their species. TB‘s Bill is a gentleman, retaining his chivalrous nature from his human life nearly 200 years prior. For his love, Sookie, Bill opens car doors, plans romantic dinners and refuses to stray, even when women throw themselves at him.
Stefan has been trapped in a teenage body for nearly 150 years. And he’s willing to go to the mat for his main squeeze, Elena, even if that means trying to kill his evil vampire brother, Damon. But Stefan also has a complex history/love triangle an ex-girlfriend and his brother, and it appears another one is forming. With sibling rivalry in the mix, Stefan has a more complex history and situation than Bill.
True Blood: 0
The Vampire Diaries: 1

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from Natalie Abrams at True Blood: “Bill and Sookie Have a Connection That Will Never Die”
Bon Temps is going to be very crowded for True Blood‘s third season, what with all the new vampires walking around. Executive producer Alan Ball, and several of True Blood’s writers and producers, sat down with fans of the show Wednesday at the Paley Center for Media to discuss the new residents of Bon Temps, Bill and Sookie’s future and a naked Alexander Skårsgard.

So where does the action pick up at the beginning of Season 3? “I believe [Eric] appears without most of his clothes in the very first episode,” jokes Ball. (But seriously, he says, fans of Eric’s amnesia story line from the books will have to wait until Season 4.)

“Sookie [Anna Paquin] is going to go off in search of Bill [Stephen Moyer], and she will find him,” Ball tells But Sookie is in search of much more than just Bill. “There will be more conjecture about what she is and she will be more driven to discover what she is,” said Ball. “She will get closer to the answer.”

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I’m not sure how I feel about a 10th season of Smallville. Unless they’re waiting to show us the real transformation of Clark into Superman (and are going to explain why Lois or Jimmy don’t remember him in the movies) I’ll pass. I’m very excited about Being Human coming to the US, it looks like a really good show. I’ve been watching a ton of SyFy lately anyway. And I’m really impressed with Kevin Williamson, I had no idea he was behind all of those teen shows.

What do you think about another season of Smallville? Who do you think should have won the face-off, Vampire Diaries or True Blood?