Evangeline Lilly On The Late Show With David Letterman

via Lost Media

Evangeline Lilly teases Letterman about not watching the show, and discusses the finale.

“The finale, without giving too much away, holds true to our Lost traditions”. Does this mean that it will cut out right before you get all of the answers? Dave is hoping for the waking up for the dream ending…


True Blood Season 3 – New Promo Shows Us One Pissed Off Werewolf, Moonlight Set For Return

by Regina Avalos at Gather

This short little promo aired after last night’s episode with the Jessica mini-episode. In the oh so short promo, we see one very angry werewolf. What is the werewolf so mad about?!

The promo is short, but it lets us know things are changing now with werewolves thrown into the mix.

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‘True Blood’ exclusive: Meet Sookie’s fairy godmother

by Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly
True Blood is dispatching a guardian angel to look after Sookie.

British actress Lara Pulver — best known from the BBC drama Robin Hood — has landed the recurring role of Sookie’s fairy godmother, Claudine. [T]he character of Claudine plays a critical part in at least two of them.

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In Futurama Concept Art, Fry Gives Bender Mouth-To-Ass Resuscitation

By Cyriaque Lamar at io9
In anticipation of the Planet Express gang’s return this June, Futurama‘s going whole hog with new concept art and storyboards. Check out Bender dancing, the Leela-Bot, “the “Birthing Device,” and Fry giving Bender mouth-to-ass like some daffy, man-on-robot human centipede.

These storyboards come from Futurama’s sixth season premiere, “Rebirth,” and I’m told the scene is called “Mouth to Ass.”

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I am SO excited for new Futurama! It’s my favorite show, and my dvds are getting worn out, so I desperately need new episodes.

What do you think of Evangeline Lilly’s interview? What about the True Blood clip?