Rachel Bilson And Josh Schwartz Reunite For Supernatural Series ‘Ghost Angeles’

by Terri Schwartz at MTV News
It’s been four years since the last original Josh Schwartz television productions—”Gossip Girl” and “Chuck”—hit television airwaves, so we figure it’s about time that he give us something new to love. Deadline has the exclusive that Josh is planning on reuniting with his “The OC” star and frequent collaborator Rachel Bilson (who couldn’t love her brief guest spot in the first season of “Chuck”?!) for a supernatural romantic comedy series called “Ghost Angeles.”

The plot of the hour-long show is being kept under wraps, but Deadline says the basic premise is that Rachel is a young woman in Los Angeles who can talk to the dead and helps the ghosts she encounters “as much as they are helping her.” Of course, there’s going to be some romance tossed in there too. Though this seems like a premise that has been a little overdone on television (from “Ghost Whisperer” to “Medium”), Josh has a tendency to take familiar concepts and make them fresh and addictive.

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Space is the place

By Jason Anderson at CBC News
After spending five years making a successful science fiction TV show with a largely Canadian team of writers, directors, actors and production talent, producer Brad Wright thought it was high time for his Stargate franchise to add a Canadian character.

In the U.S., the Stargate shows are a fixture on Syfy, a network that airs an abundance of shows and mini-series that are also shot in Canada. Vancouver is home turf for Eureka and Caprica (the successor to Battlestar Galactica) while Halifax plays host to the supernatural mystery series Haven. Toronto can be spotted in the background in Syfy’s latest hit, Warehouse 13, which stars Canadian actors Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek as members of a team that retrieves mystical objects (it airs on CITY-TV in Canada). Continuing the tradition of Mulder and Scully on The X-Files, the paranormal investigators on the ABC hit Fringe might seem to travel far and wide, but they never venture far from Vancouver.

The Canadian-ness of all of these shows is rarely acknowledged on screen. And yet they are part of a rich but little-known history that dates all the way back to Space Command (1953-54), CBC-TV’s first dramatic series.

According to Brad Wright, the current boom has everything to do with the decision by the makers of The X-Files to produce the show’s first five seasons in the Vancouver area. “Purely and simply, they had a certain number of dollars, and if they spent those same dollars in Canada, they could put another half-million dollars per episode or so up on the screen,” says Wright. “That’s real money – that’s a couple of days’ shooting or several visual effects. Science fiction and other genre shows all have the burden of having to [create] the spaceship, the monster, the alien or the ghost, and that generally means money.”

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Trent Reznor and HBO moving forward with ‘Year Zero’ sci-fi series [updated]

by Geoff Boucher at The LA Times
Trent Reznor says HBO and BBC Worldwide Productions are moving forward with the development of “Year Zero,” the grim sci-fi epic that Reznor has chronicled in his music as well as in a celebrated Alternate Reality Game (ARG).

“We are in [the development phase of] pre-production with HBO and BBC [Worldwide Productions] to do a miniseries,” Reznor said Monday. “It’s exciting. I probably shouldn’t say too much about it except that I understand that there’s a thousand hurdles before anything shows up in your TV listing. It’s been an interesting and very educational process and it cleared the HBO hurdle a few months ago and now we’re writing drafts back and forth. So it’s very much alive and incubating at the moment.”

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I knew a lot of shows were filmed in Canada to save money, but I didn’t realize exactly how many were. Makes me want to go Vancouver all the more.

What do you think of Ghost Angeles? Do you think Year Zero sounds interesting? How do you feel about so many Sci Fi shows being filmed in Canada?