‘Game of Thrones’ recasts noble role

By Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune
HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has recast the role of Daenerys Targaryen.

Last month, I reported that Tamzin Merchant, who originally had been cast as Daenerys, had left the project. I can exclusively report that actress Emilia Clarke has been cast in the role of the exiled noblewoman in the fantasy drama.

HBO also confirmed Friday something that George R.R. Martin wrote recently on his blog: Production on the drama, which is set to debut next year, has been pushed back from June to late July. Some of the pilot, which was filmed last fall, will have to be reshot, given that Clark has replaced Merchant and Irish actress Michelle Fairley has replaced Jennifer Ehle, who also left “Thrones” after the pilot was filmed.

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True Blood’s Season 3 Vampire party set for June 1st

Joann Scheffler at The Examiner
Here it is True Blood fans HBO has announced a midnight special for only the most dedicated True Blood fans. The special night for all you vampire lovers will take place on June 1st.

This premier party is set to take place at midnight in theaters across the country. On the scheduled agenda for the True Blood party festivities will include a screening of the season two True Blood finale and an extensive special sneak peek into the upcoming season 3.

The previews will be followed up by a live question and answer session with True Blood cast members and director Alan Ball.

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See trailers and concept art from 9 new sci-fi TV series

By Kathie Huddleston at Sci Fi Wire

Want to know what the new sci-fi, paranormal and spy shows coming up during summer and fall look like? Well, here are videos of them…

The Cape (Fall, Midseason)

When an honest cop is framed for murder and presumed dead, he is forced to go into hiding, leaving his wife and son behind. In an effort to get his family back and take down those that framed him he becomes his son’s favorite comic-book superhero, The Cape.

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MTV picks up 12 episodes of “Teen Wolf”

via Hollywood News
Filled with suspense and the struggle to discover one’s true identity, MGM and MTV will put a modern spin on one of the most popular classic films of the eighties, “Teen Wolf.” The reinvention comes alive as a sexy thriller set against the drama of high school life with a forbidden, romantic love story at its core. From the creator of “Criminal Minds”, Jeff Davis, and the executive producer of “The 4400”, René Echevarria, “Teen Wolf” is to commence production this summer with 12 one-hour episodes.

The thriller stars Tyler Posey (“Maid in Manhattan,” “Brothers and Sisters”), as the newly bitten werewolf, ‘Scott McCall’, Dylan O’Brien as his best friend ‘Stiles’, Crystal Reed as the mysterious new girl in town, ‘Allison’, and Tyler Hoechlin (“Road to Perdition,” “7th Heaven”) as the older and possibly quite dangerous werewolf, ‘Derek Hale.’

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Alaina Huffman on the ‘Stargate Universe’ Season Finale, Season Two, and More (SPOILERS)

By Mike Moody at TV Squad
Life is tough aboard Destiny, the wandering spaceship that’s home to the crew of Syfy’s ‘Stargate Universe.’ The food is bad, the morale is low, and there’s always a chance that a gang of creepy blue aliens will attack the ship or kidnap you from your quarters.

What has interacting with the ‘Stargate’ fans been like for you as part of this new cast that’s taking the franchise in such a different direction?
As far as meeting the fans personally, I haven’t yet. I’ve got a nice little following on Twitter, and most of them are previous ‘Stargate’ fans as well as ‘SGU’ fans, and they’ve been nothing but lovely. I’m going to the London Expo next week around the 30th, or 28th through 29th of May, and that’s the first time I’ll be interacting face to face with fans, other than Comic-Con last year.

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The best Lost memes, videos, t-shirts, fan art, and more

By Meredith Woerner at io9

While waiting for Lost‘s final mindfrak this Sunday, spend some time looking at all the brilliant artwork, videos, and photoshopperie this epic show inspired. Check out our massive round-up.


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I’m really disappointed about the Game of Thrones recast. I thought Tazmin Merchant was the perfect Dany. There are quite of few brunette actors who are playing characters that are supposed to be blond, so I hope they dye their hair or give them wigs. The Cape looks pretty good though, I’m excited about the new TV shows coming out. Lots more Sci Fi 🙂

Will you go see the True Blood premiere in theaters? What new show are you mot looking forward to?