by Jared Owen at Reel Empire: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Producers Reveal More Spoilers
Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are the producers behind The CW’s new hit series “The Vampire Diaries” and they’ve returned once again to reveal and explain more in-depth spoilers for the upcoming episode titled “The Children of the Damned”. This marks the 13th episode in the show’s first season and the producers explain that we’ll learn the reasoning behind Stefan and Damon’s constant fighting. In addition, we’ll learn that Kathryn is a total bitch and much more!

Kevin Williamson said this: “Children of the Damned is an episode where we get to go back in time yet again to 1864,and we get to sort of tell another story.”

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via Andre at On The Flix: Stefan & Elena Get Hot & Frisky In New ‘Vampire Diaries’ Episode 13 Clip

Stefan & Elena get hot & frisky in new ‘ Vampire Diaries’ episode 13 clip. The CW has given us a new sneak peek look at its upcoming “Vampire Diaries” episode 13 of season 1 in this new clip. The episode is entitled, “Children of the Damned.”

“Vampire Diaries” episode 13 of season 1 airs this Thursday February 4 at 7pm central time on the CW.

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by Isis Nocturne at True Blood Net: Could Vampires on True Blood Have a Human Baby?
First, let me start off by saying that this is just my opinion about a topic I have been thinking about and something I would like to see happen in future seasons of True Blood because of the opportunities it could create for new plotlines.

Alan Ball has been asked before about the possibility of a half-human/half-vampire baby in True Blood, and he said no to that quite emphatically. What no one has asked and no one has shot down is the possibility that vampires, especially male ones, could have the ability to get a human woman pregnant.

Of course, I do understand that vampires are essentially dead, and sperm and eggs in vampires are dead as well. However, that also somewhat denies the science and technology available in the True Blood world.

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By Graeme McMillan at io9: New Smallville Trailer Finally Shows The JSA In Action

With only a week left, the CW is getting their trailer money out of Smallville: Absolute Justice, the Justice Society-guest starring two hour movie. Click through for the final trailer, complete with glimpses of the team in action.

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If you go to the CW site, there are a couple more trailers for Smallville. It looks like a good episode, and I do love Michael Shanks. I’m so glad Vampire Diaries is back on, it’s driving me crazy not knowing what’s going on!

What do you think of the videos? What do you think about the True Blood article? What are you looking forward to watching this week?