“Life Free Or Twihard”

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I miss vampires sometimes. They were never my favorite monster (I’m not generally threatened by men in capes), but at least there was a time when they were actual monsters. There was a long time when everyone blamed Anne Rice for ruining the breed–her Vampire Chronicles gave us a world full of moping, self-absorbed blood-suckers who wiled away eternity bemoaning their fate. As mopey and romanticized as her vamps were, though, at least Rice never trafficked in the kind of regressive sexual politicking you find in the Twilight series. Stephenie Meyer’s idiotic, weirdly compelling books reduce fanged fiends into some kind of twisted romantic ideal, a stalker who’s all devotion and brooding good looks, and if he does happen to stare at you a little too long, well he is awfully pretty, so what’s the harm?

The vampires on Supernatural have always been nasty, thank goodness, and on tonight’s “Love Free or Twihard,” the Winchesters finally get a full view of the modern gothic obsession. It ain’t pretty, but it is pretty hilarious, at least at first. I’m starting to think that, stripped of the weight of the last two seasons of the show, this current run has a chance of being one of the best things the show has ever done, and “Twihard” goes a long way towards strengthening my suspicions. It’s an episode that starts off hilarious, then gets creepy, then gets action-packed, then gets a little sad. That’s a big gamut to run, and unlike last week, there aren’t any false beats.


I miss the Winchester boys. Australian tv really dropped the ball with this series, so I haven’t really seen it in … oh, ayear and a half, I think? This episode seems good, though.

Did you see it? What did you think?

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