Mixing the mythic with the commonplace, the farcical with the horrific and the domestic with the epic, this BBC AMERICA co-production is a witty and extraordinary look into the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives – as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. The trio do their best to live their lives as normally as possible, despite their strange and dark secrets. But with unwelcome intruders into their world, a threatened revolution from the vampire underworld and constant threats of exposure – on top of the day-to-day issues faced by young people – the only thing they may be able to rely on in their heightened world, is each other.

Being Human is a refreshing supernatural drama that follows the lives of three unlikely souls (or lack thereof) who have come together to cope with their unusual lives. Together they try to fit in with the world around them and attempt to be and act as human as possible. Fitting in with the rest of us is more difficult than it would appear though and that is what makes this series so intriguing. Watching these characters struggle and fight to maintain some semblance of humanity in their lives is what drives this fascinating story.

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Being Human: “Episode One” does a great job of setting the stage and giving us a glimpse of this fascinating universe. No small feat since this had to act as a second introduction in lieu of the initial Pilot that featured different actors in the lead roles (save for Tovey who returns as George Sands). Each character’s fight to maintain some semblance of humanity is interwoven with what looks to be a captivating mythology. This gives Toby Whithouse and crew the opportunity to tell the very personal stories of these characters but maintain an overarching narrative at the same time. They’re definitely off to a great start and have already presented us with a very intriguing universe that will be sure to have us tuning in over the next few weeks.

I have heard of this show, but wasn’t sure I wanted to get into watching another show regularly. Now that I have read more about it though, it really sounds fascinating and kinda cool. Plus, This Mitchell guy is a hottie!

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