Kevin Alejandro Beefs Up For Bewitching Role On ‘True Blood’ Source

Ah, I just love getting True Blood news. Even if it is just an article like this, lol.  I’m all for whatever plan these actors do to keep up there nice bodies. I’m serious, especially Alexander Skarsgard. YUM! What do you think of the TB bods? Should they feel pressured to keep up the nice appearance?

Becoming Human: meet the cast Source

I just started watching Being Human today and I’m really liking it. I find it to be kind of like the SyFy’s Warehouse thirteen, well not the plot but the fact that it can be serious and still have the funny aspect. I wouldn’t mind watching this spin off series. Okay I have to point this out from the article. “Even the producers have teased that it’s like a supernatural Breakfast Club, although of course, none of the talented young cast have seen that movie.” – Are you serious, I hope there joking when they say that they haven’t seen the Breakfast Club. I mean come on I’m sure I’m younger than the cast and I’ve seen it.Do you watch Being Human? Are you going to check out this spin off?

TERRA NOVA (FOX) First Look Source

Hmm, I’m still unsure if I’m going to watch Terra Nova. I really do have way to many shows that I dvr and not enough time to watch them all. If I can’t even get through the shows I already tape, should I really add something else to the mix. (Seriously I have 13 Vampire Diaries to watch and 56 General Hospitals.) But I will say from those pictures Terra Nova could be kinda interesting. Are you going to watch Terra Nova?