Zombies are heading to the CW Source

I wont lie, some times I feel like the supernatural genre gets a little over kill. First it was vampires, everyone and thing had to do some kind of vampire show. I was actually getting a bit tired of it. Oh and TV shows always would mention Twilight whenever they could it seemed. Well now the world of TV is moving on to zombies. With the success of AMC’s the Walking Dead. The CW will also be doing a zombie show. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean I’m all for a company trying to do something that will make the successful, but does the CW really need to do zombies too. It kinda feels like they are just trying to jack the Walking Dead idea. I’ve been debating if I should watch this new show or not Part of me wants to, the other part doesn’t. Maybe I should check out one episode. So are any of you going to watch it? What are you thoughts on the CW doing a zombie show so close to the end of Walking Deads first season?