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Good news for Chuck fans! It’s coming back SOON

Thought you were going to have to wait until March to catch up with Chuck Bartowski? Not any more! According to a report from Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, the premiere of Chuck’s third season might take place as soon as late October.

There’s no firm date to report yet, or even an announcement as to whether the series will return to its Monday timeslot or have to find itself a new night, as Ausiello’s exclusive info comes from one of “my moles,” but he also reports that “NBC insiders who’ve seen the first four episodes are calling this season the best yet.”

And, per Ausellio, the news gets even better:

“If Chuck does come back sooner rather than later, the chances of NBC ordering additional episodes beyond the 13 it initially commissioned increases dramatically.”

Looks like October just got a lot more interesting!


You heard it Chuck fans! So stay tuned and give OBS your reviews on Chuck 🙂 Are you a Chuck fan? Will you be seeing this new season?

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Juicy details on Sanctuary Season 2

Executive producers Amanda Tapping (also the star, of course), Damian Kindler and Martin Wood answered a bunch of questions during a press visit, and we learned quite a bit about where the show is going. Warning, some of this is spoiler-ish:

How season two starts and where it goes: “The idea was to definitely wrap up the amazing corner we painted ourselves into in the first season,” Kindler said. “Beyond that, the mission was to deepen things and really let the show find its feet.”

Meet Kate Freelander: Kate is a new character who joins the Sanctuary team this year. She’s played by Agam Darshi and Tapping described her as “this con artist, rough-around-the-edges, swindler, grifter. She knows enough about the abnormal network, knows enough about the Cabal, knows enough about the Sanctuary, to be dangerous.”

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Are you excited about the new season? Are you a Sactuary fan?