Turn! Turn! Turn!

True Blood Season 5, Episode 1

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

The fifth season of True Blood definitely starts out with a bang!!  We see some repeats of the ending scenes of the last episode of season 4, like Debbie showing up to kill Sookie and Tara jumping in and taking the bullet in the head. But then we get into the real meat of what this season will be all about.

Sookie is crying over Tara as she cradles her head in her lap and screams for help.  Both Eric and Bill sense her anguish and Bill wants to go to her, but Eric reminds Bill of what Sookie said about not wanting either of them and they continue clearing out Bill’s and getting ready to flee.  Lafayette, who is upstairs at Sookie’s house, does hear her and comes running down to find out what is wrong and is devastated by what he sees.

Pam comes looking for Eric and Lafayette want Pam to try to turn her into the one thing Tara always hated; a vampire.  After Lafayette’s urging Sookie makes a deal with Pam to get her to turn Tara.  And Sookie and Lafayette bury Pam and Tara in Sookie’s yard.  But when night falls there is no sign of Pam or Tara coming out of the ground and they wait.  Pam eventually surfaces not knowing if it worked or not.  So Sookie starts digging to find Tara and she appears to be dead.  But at the last minute of the show Tara jumps on Sookie and starts attacking as Sookie yells for Lafayette to help her.

Bill and Eric try to flee Bon Temps since they know they are on the Authority’s hit list.  But as they are walking out Bill’s door they are captured and thrown into a trunk to be taken to the authority.  Bill and Eric work together to puncture the gas tank and cause an explosion.  The driver comes to kill them, but his female partner kills him first.  Then, Eric and her start kissing.  Their savior is Nora, Eric’s sister.  She finds them a place where they can go to ground for the night, but she and Eric decide to have sex first at least until he gets a phone call from Alcide telling him that Russell has escaped.  Then, the next night Nora takes them to meet some people she knows and they give Eric and Bill new identities.  And as they are getting ready to part ways they are surrounded by members of the Authority.

Lafayette goes to Jesus’s house to dispose of his body, only to find that it’s no longer there.

Jason answers a knock at his door (in the nude) to find Reverend Newlin, who is now a vampire.  He wants Jason to invite him in, but he doesn’t want to comply telling the Reverend that he will just glamour him.  But Steve insists that he hasn’t learned how to do that yet as his maker abandoned him.  He then proceeds to glamour Jason so he will listen to him as he confesses that he loves Jason.  He tries to force Jason to love him and is getting ready to bite him when Jessica blows in insisting that Jason is hers and gives Steve the option of leaving or of her giving him the true death.

Marcus’s pack hunts down Sam as they believe he is the one that killed Marcus.  Sam refuses to sell Alcide out and flees to warn Luna.  But the pack shows up at Luna’s and threaten Luna that they will use Emma to get her to talk so Sam tells them that he killed Marcus and the pack takes him with them.  They start beating him to get him to tell them where Marcus’s body is.  He refuses until Martha, Marcus’s mom, talks to him.  Sam leads them to the body and as they are getting ready to kill him Alcide shows up to stop them.  He informs them that he killed Marcus.  Some of the pack bow to him as the new pack master, but Marcus’s parents don’t and are angry that a shifter came before a fellow wolf to Alcide.  Martha then proceeds to eat Marcus’s body.

Terry has his friend, Patrick, over for dinner and Patrick starts telling war stories and Terry gets upset.  He doesn’t like to think of those days and he is a different person now.  He and Patrick later get into a fight over it.  Patrick informs him that others have had fires and some have not survived and that it can’t be a coincidence as he and Terry have both had house fires as well.

I really enjoyed this episode and if it’s any indication of the rest of the season, Alan Ball will definitely go out with a bang.  We True Blood fans really deserve an awesome season after the dreadful disappointment of season 4.

There were PLENTY of naked men in this one….Jason, Andy (who I didn’t even realize was Andy until they showed his face, did he lose weight?), Sam, and Eric….mmmmm…my day is now complete:)

I thought Tara being turned was an interesting storyline and one that I didn’t see coming.  And when she didn’t rise I was wondering if she was going to become a zombie since the end of season 4 did kind of hint around about zombies.  But the previews do appear that she’s just a psycho pissed off vamp, but I guess time will tell.

I was kind of annoyed at Jessica though.  She just broke Hoyt’s heart and finally got Jason to give in to her and she’s already flirting around with other guys.  Someone needs to stake her already!  I did love seeing Jason talk to the college coed about him being an asshole though!

Overall, this was a thrilling and exciting episode and I can’t wait to see more!!

Favorite quotes of this episode:

“I am wearing a Wal-Mart sweat suit for ya’ll if that’s not demonstration of team spirit I don’t know what is”~Pam

 “We fight like siblings, but we fuck like Champions”~Eric

“Wow you just don’t seem like that much of an asshole”~College Co-ed

“Yeah, I swear to God I am”~Jason