By CitizenErased

You’re sitting on your couch, jumbo bag of Doritos and a six pack to hand, maybe wondering what the hell  is the point in paying for HBO now the Sopranos is finished. Instead of falling asleep in a drunken stupor you decide to watch this new show True Blood, in case its better than the rest of the utter crap on telly these days. And bloody hell, it is. … Let us pause to clutch our pearls and remember for a moment, the hotness which was Undomesticated Bill. Le sigh…

He was sly, he was hairy, he didn’t know how to talk to ladies. He did alarmingly sexy things in a certain waitress’s dreams, and ours. He wore tight ass Henley shirts with the buttons undone, and best of all, he didn’t look like he’d tripped and fallen into a bucket of white paint. Oh how we loved him.

So imagine if you will, how pissed we were that Season 2 is not bringing the same horny glee as those hallowed and moist days of Season 1. WTF happened to Bill? He became boyfriend material, and that’s just not as exciting. His hair is immaculate, he wears stylish yet stuffy shirts or much hated bathrobes and his make up is atrocious most of the time (and while I’m here, Eric’s make up is not much better).

Call us frivolous bitches if you like, but we want unwaxed, fangy, Feral Bill back and we want him NOW.

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I really have to agree! Please HBO bring him back some time. For our slightly creepy loyalty and devotion, its not too much to ask – is it?

Do you also agree? Or do you like the ‘new’ Bill better than the old one?