TRUE BLOOD’S HOYT TALKS SEASON FINALE has an interview with Jim Parrick from True Blood:

Faster than a vamp can run from Bon Temps to Dallas, actor Jim Parrack has gone from Jason’s shy friend to a swoonworthy love interest. We caught up with the actor in Shreveport.

When Jim signed on to Alan Ball’s sexy saga, he had no idea Hoyt would be getting a juicier storyline come season 2. In fact, he didn’t know much about his character at all. The actor’s never read the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels on which the series is based, mostly to keep his character original, so when it came time to embody Hoyt, Jim wasn’t sure what to do.

So what will become of the two in next week’s season finale? Jim was—not surprisingly—tight-lipped, simply saying, “Something will happen. There will be a finale.” Uh, hanks for the scoop, Jim.

Though the pair has their problems, Jim said their unlikely romance is his favorite storyline this season on “True Blood” (and he assured us he’d still feel that way even if he weren’t playing Hoyt). “As outrageous as it sounds to have, you know, a newly turned vampire fall in love with a 28-year-old guy who lives with his mother, it seems like it’s one of the more grounded storylines,” he said with a laugh. Something else Jim is enjoying is Eric’s transition from rivaled baddie to fan favorite.

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Another one who hasn’t read the books. Yikes! Have some respect for the author and at least try them out. End rant!

I love Hoyt, he’s just a nice guy. His storyline with Jessica is the most normal relationship on True Blood.

LOL@them making fun of Twilight – it does get old.

What do you think of what Jim Parrick had to say?