Season two of our favorite (and sexiest) vampire show is coming to an end, but first it’s throwing out all the stops. For all of us who were wowed by Sookie Stackhouse’s latest power in the last episode, our favorite glowing gal promises even more excitement before the season finale.

Leading lady Anna Paquin revealed juicy details about filming the steamy sex scenes of True Blood. Speaking on a panel in L.A. to fans last Thursday, the star discussed getting naked, the newest castmembers and what’s next for the hottest (technically, coldest) of the undead.

Expect More Sookie-Eric Sex: Even if it’s just a dream, odds are we’ll be privy to some extra lovin’ between poor, duped Sookie and conniving Eric [Alexander Skarsgard]. “She drank his blood, so now she has really vivid sexual fantasies about him. I guess that’s how it works,” Anna said. “Because in season one after she drinks Bill’s [Stephen Moyer] blood, she has a moment outside of his house…She’s kind of sitting there by herself having a little touch and feel,” she reminded us. (How could we forget?)

The Queen Is Going to Shake Up Relationships: Drama is going to ensue when Queen Sophie (Evan Rachel Wood) gets involved in the next episode…especially in the sex department. When asked the identity of the queen’s sex partner(s), Anna’s lips were sealed. “I like my job,” she said coyly.

Anna Prefers Sex to Crying. (Don’t We All?): “To me, I feel more naked doing a really emotional scene than being naked in front of a bunch of people, because that’s really me,” Anna said about being vulnerable in front of the camera. “You have to trust that no one is going to judge you, or be mean, or tell you how stupid you look when you cry.”

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More dirty Sookie dreams? Count me in. Add some Alexander…Count me addicted. 😉

I think I agree with Anna on nudity versus emotion: I would feel more exposed crying on screen than being naked . I mean, look at who she gets to film those scenes with!

Could you cry on cue?

Or would you have the nerve to film a love scene?

What do you think of the predictions for the show?