Luckily, the show’s stars were feeling chatty at this week’s Nylon magazine TV issue party. Read on for secrets the stars spilled about the remainder of season two.

Do you know anything about Sookie’s new power on True Blood? I can’t stop thinking about it.

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) has done his homework : “Well, I read the books, so I think she’s part fairy. That was her fairy power.”

You teased on Monday that someone surprising was going to save Sam Merlotte. Hint?

We’ve got Sam running from Maryann and he may actually…” Tara (Ginger) wants to keep her job, but we have it good authority that he may actually seek refuge with Eric and Pam at Fangtasia in Shreveport.

Maryann. Can we please get rid of her soon?

Maryann will be vanquished, it’s not easy.  No character single-handedly takes her out, it’s a “group effort” by all the good guys.

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YAY!! What great juicy secrets! Sam is going to Eric for help, only means one thing for me…. More screen time for Alexander!! But that could cause some trouble for Sam. I mean, Eric doesn’t do anything for free! Thank Goodness!! Maryann will be gone, it’s about dang freaking time. I’m not sure how much longer I was going to last. OH BOY!! I feel stupid (Hits head with hand!) I should have known that Sookies new “power” was going to be her fairiness showing.

Are you happy that Maryann is going to be gone? Did you know what Sookie’s power was? Is Sam going to be in trouble if he gets help from Eric?