True Blood
Season 4
Episode 4: I’m Alive and on Fire

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The episode starts out with Eric and Sookie after he drank Claudine’s blood.  He appears to be sick, but it turns out he’s drunk off the fairy blood.  He keeps running around pinching Sookie’s butt and telling her what a good-looking butt it is.  Sookie tries to get him to go inside to his cubbie because it’s almost dawn.  He tells her to make him and runs around at vampire speed telling her she can’t catch him-ever!!

Bill is asking Pam where Eric is.  Pam tells him that she doesn’t know.  He gets on to her for not reporting him missing and she tells him she figured it was his doing.

Jason is still tied to the bed and all the Hotshot girls are having sex with him one by one in hopes of getting pregnant.  He forces the one currently on him off.  She yells out “next” as she leaves.  Young Becky is the next to come in.  He tries to stop it and she grabs a knife and threatens to cut his thing off.  He tells her that this isn’t how her first time should be.  That it should be with someone that cares for her and brings her presents.  He confides in her that he’s sick and that he’s afraid he will die there.  Becky cuts one of his hands loose and Jason takes the knife and cuts himself the rest of the way loose.  Jason knocks Luther out.

Nan is reaming Bill for sending Eric to investigate Wiccans.  She tells him that she can’t take this to the authority and it’s his job to control his sheriffs.  She tells him that no mortal blood is to be shed.  Bill tells her that he will deal with it.  Nan asks him if he knows any retired kings.

Marnie dreams of the spirit woman burning at the stake, she tries to talk the ones burning her into stopping it, but they won’t.  The spirit woman is chanting and Marnie joins in.  She wakes up with a jolt.

Alcide shows up at Sookie’s to help her find Eric.  He changes to wolf form and starts using his nose to find him, with Sookie following.

Maxine asks Sam what he’s done to her boy.  He tells her he hasn’t seen Hoyt and she tells him that Hoyt is no longer her son and that she’s referring to Tommy; he didn’t come home last night.  She gets on to Sam for not having any love for his brother and Sam points out that she disowned her own blood.

Fenton finds Becky curled up sleeping.  He tells her that she looks different now that she isn’t a virgin.  He asks her about it and tells her to describe it all to him.  When she doesn’t respond he realizes she didn’t have sex with Jason.  He runs to where they were keeping Jason, and Crystal sees him and follows.  They  find Luther tied up at the foot of the bed.  Crystal tells him they got his seed and that’s all they wanted.  But that doesn’t satisfy Fenton who runs off to hunt Jason down and kill him.

Lafayette and Tara are trying to impress on Marnie just how dangerous the vampires are.  The two of them and Jesus try to convince her to come with them to reverse the spell she put on Eric.  She tells them she can’t because it wasn’t her and she doesn’t know how.  They tell her that the vampires will torture, rape, and kill their entire circle if they can’t reverse the spell.

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Overall Thoughts:

Another good espisode.  It was great seeing Eric drunk and just having fun.  It was also nice and long overdue to see Alcide all naked.   It was totally creepy that all the Hotshot women where taking their turns on Jason, even though I kind of expected it.  I was glad to see that Becky helped him escape.  Now I just wonder with all the problems that Hoyt and Jessica are having if they are setting things up for Jason to get involved with Jessica. It’s a shame that Tommy’s own mom tricked him, I was enjoying the mom/son bonding between them.  The highlight of the episode was definitely seeing some Alcide skin!!