‘True Blood’ Season 5, Trailer #2

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Here is the latest True Blood trailer for the much anticipated season 5!!

Video Via youtube

With all the trailers coming out, I’m really starting to wonder if they’re showing us all the good stuff now….I sure hope not!!!  I hate going to a movie and seeing all the scenes that made me want to see it, be all that was good about it.

This trailer showed us a lot, Alcide (Yum), that weird thing that came from Jesus’ magic (ehhh *eye roll*), Russell who will definitely shake things up, Eric being captured, a sneak peak at our new Law and Order vamp who I think will be fun to watch.  But my favorite thing in the whole clip was Lafayette calling Sookie the ‘Angel of Death’….I never thought about it, but I think he’s right!!

What did you think of this clip?  Sound off about it below!!