Joe Manganiello Wants to be Married via

Joe Manganiello is looking to find the love of his life. And even after he faced a crushing heartbreak when he split from his fiancee Audra Marie in September 2011, the 35-year-old True Blood hunk hasn’t given up hope that he will fall in love again.
“I am single,” Manganiello told exclusively at Duracell’s Kick Off for “Rely On Copper To Go For The Gold” at Stage 37 in NYC on March 21.
If Manganiello met the right woman, he would be ready to settle down. “If the right situation happens, sure,” he said. “I want to be married and with kids some day, so, that’s definitely something where it would have to be the right situation.”
But until he finds the right lady, Manganiello is just taking time to enjoy nav)igating the dating scene. “It’s fun,” he admitted. “I think it’s exciting.”
I think I just saw a huge line (OK I mean mob as we could never be that orderly) form to become Mrs. Manganiello…although I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to write that name for the rest of my life….but I’m sure it would be worth it!!

HBO releases new teaser clips for Season 5 via

Ahhh the smell of fresh blood!!

I usually love the teaser videos, but I really didn’t like these at all…and they kind of made me feel like I was drunk.