Ryan Kwanten Teases Season 5 is the Most Controversial yet!!

Yes, waiting sucks, but True Blood season 5 is getting ready to kick things off in the next few weeks…

Ryan Kwanten, the actor behind Jason Stackhouse, spoke about the upcoming season recently. Things will get hot and heavy on this HBO series this summer. He said the following about what is ahead, according Wet Paint:

“[It is] by far our most controversial. It’s pushing the boundaries even more. There’s a whole host of new characters and supernatural beings.”

On the series, Jason Stackhouse has grown a lot over the four seasons that have already aired. How will his romance with Jessica play out when the series returns? Kwanten also defended his character and his lack of smarts. He isn’t stupid. The actor calls him “innocent” more than anything. That description would fit the character. He is also loyal and he would do anything for those he cares about.

Some might question his loyalty because of what happened between him and Jessica, but he fought her for some time. It is hard to fight a vampire that won’t give up! (Gather.com)

More controversial huh?  I hope it’s more sexy controversial (like naked Eric in the first handful of scenes in season 3) than crazy controversial (like Marnie last season…yuck!).  I was greatly disappointed last season so they have a lot to make up for in my mind.  But I think they are up to the task!

As for Jason…he’s just a loveable idiot…or according to him I guess it would be a loveable ‘innocent’….I can’t even say that with a straight face with all the flashes of his sex scenes running through my head….

Picture credit: E! Online