True Blood
Season 4
Episode 6 : I wish I was the Moon

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

This episode starts out all steamy with Eric and Sookie all over each other coming through the door and they end up on the couch about to have sex when Bill bursts into the house.  Eric and Bill fight.  Sookie yells and stops Eric just as he’s about to stake Bill.  Eric asks who this vampire is to Sookie and she tells him that he’s his king.  Eric apologizes and bows to Bill.

Sookie tells Bill that he has no right to do this as Bill’s men are leading Eric around in cuffs.  Bill tells his men to take silver to Eric.  He tells Sookie that he has to take him for being under the control of necromancy because he is a danger.  But then tells her that Eric is faking to get between her legs and to make her his.  She asks Bill, which is it that Eric is a danger or he’s faking to which Bill has no real reply.  Sookie tells him that if he ever loved her that he won’t hurt Eric.  Sookie refuses to leave the property (they’re at Bill’s) without Eric.  Bill commands his men to arrest Sookie for trespassing if she ever comes on to the property again.  They escort her off the property.

Eric is locked up and says it smells like death in there.  Pam says it’s her and tells him that she is the reason that Bill found him.  She is sitting on the floor with her face covered.  He commands her as her maker (Sookie has told him) to uncover her face and he’s shocked at what he sees.  Pam tells him that they need to escape and make the witches pay.  Eric tells her that King Bill thinks they are a danger to others of their kind.  She tells him that he doesn’t care about Bill and tries to convince him to go against him.  Eric says that it’s treason.  She swears to him to get his life back, but he says he doesn’t want to remember the awful things he’s done.

Bill calls Nan up and tells her that he has both Marnie and Eric in custody.  He goes on to tell her that Eric has been infected and that he’s unstable and dangerous.  He feels that Marnie wants to use Eric as a weapon.  He requests a warrant to issue the True Death to Eric.

Arlene wakes up and smells smoke, she tells Terry to quit smoking, but they both look and see that the house is on fire.  Arlene goes to get Mikey out of the bed while he goes to get Colby and Lisa.  Mickey isn’t in his bed and Arlene is searching the house for him.  Terry picks Arlene up and carries her outside, insisting he will go back for Mikey.  He turns to go back inside when a big explosion goes off inside.  Then, they see that Colby and Lisa have Mikey outside.  They say that he was already out there playing with the creepy doll when they came out.  A girl is outside and waving to Mikey and then disappears. See the rest of the recap here

Overall thoughts:

I was really disappointed with this episode I found it lacking and kind of boring overall.  We FINALLY get to see Eric naked, but in such a meh episode.  I really struggled staying interested.  This whole witch thing is getting way too boring (not to mention the visions Marnie sees) and I’m already tired of the new Tommy parading around as Sam storyline.  Waiting around all night for Jason to turn was a huge snooze as well. I’m really hoping next week is more exciting.

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