True Blood
Season 4
Episode 5: I hate you, I love you

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This episode starts out with Tommy, with the collar and chain still on, being beaten by Joe Lee.  Tommy appears to go unconscious and his mom is fretting that Joe Lee killed him.  Joe Lee tells her that he’s just resting.  He then starts talking about a big money fight he wants to enter Tommy into.  Tommy jumps up and attacks Joe Lee.  His mom tries to stop him, but Tommy takes the big stick out of her hand and starts beating Joe Lee with it.  His mom again tries to come to Joe Lee’s aide and Tommy hits her with the stick as well.  He instantly realizes his mistake and cradles her unconscious head in his lap and starts crying.

Marnie is lying on the ground, she just regained consciousness.  Lafayette and Tara are upset at her for pissing off another vampire, which will in turn want to kill them.  Marnie insists that “she” came back and saved them.  Lafayette tells her that she royally messed up and that this dog that ate my homework excuse won’t fly with the vampires.  Jesus, Tara, and Lafayette leave Marnie in the middle of the woods.

Arlene thinks the writing on the wall means that Renee is coming back for Mikey.  Terry insists that it’s time to put this in God’s hands.  He wants to have a man of God come in and cleanse the house.  Arlene doesn’t want to be one of those people that only turn to God when they need him and is afraid it will only anger him.  Terry tells her not to sell God short.  She tells Terry to call the Reverend and then tells Renee that God is coming for him.

Eric walks in on Sookie while she’s sleeping and Godric appears behind him.  Godric walks into the room ahead of Eric and runs his hands along her leg and leans over her neck.  Eric tells him not to touch her.  Godric tells Eric to drink her with him so that they can walk in the sun together.  Eric refuses.  Godric grabs Eric by the neck and tells him that he is damned and that he can’t be redeemed and he wasn’t made for love.  They both drink from Sookie and she wakes up screaming.

Eric wakes up in his cubbie, it was all a dream.  Eric walks into Sookie’s room, much like he did in the dream, looking incredibly hot and shirtless I might add.  She wakes up and he tells her that he had a bad dream.

Jessica and Hoyt take Jason to his house and put him in bed.  Hoyt tells Jessica that she just saved his best friend’s life.  She responds that it’s all in the wrist.  Hoyt notices there is something wrong with Jessica and she claims she’s just tired from feeding Jason.  He doesn’t buy it and asks if there is something she isn’t telling him and she says there isn’t.  Hoyt tells her to go home that he is going to stay with Jason.  She tells him that she loves him, but he doesn’t respond and walks away.

Portia goes to see Bill.  She kisses him and he tells her it’s impossible to have anything between them because they share a bloodline.  She then starts giving him all the pros of incest telling him most anti-incest laws have been repealed and the only concern is the effects it would have on offspring, which is impossible for them to have anyway.  Bill glamours her to be terrified of him.  She runs away screaming.  See full recap here.

Overall Thoughts:

I thought this was a really good episode.  I’m not a big Bill fan at all, but I liked him better in this episode than I have liked him in a long time.  I liked seeing him glamour Portia to fear him instead of going along with her crazy incest is best scheme and I enjoyed seeing him take action as far as the witches go.  I just hate that Pam slipped up about Eric so you know where Bill will be heading!!

I loved seeing more of Eric’s sweet side and how upset he was when he dreamed of hurting Sookie and again when he found out the different things he’s done to her.  And them kissing…ABOUT. FREAKING. TIME.  Oh and he looked super hot being half naked this entire episode…I can only hope we can do away with the half part next week!

Arlene continued to crack me up with her telling Renee God was coming for him.  And I thought Terry was so sweet telling her that he felt everything had worked out when he looks at her.

I’m glad Tommy killed his parents because I sick of them and all the drama that comes along with him…maybe he can be somewhat normal now that they’re gone…but wait it’s True Blood…probably not.

I thought it was a bit strange that Jason was having sex dreams so soon after being raped repeatedly, but I guess it’s the effect of the vamp blood?

I can’t wait for next week’s episode…I’m banking on Sookie and Eric having sex and Bill either showing up during or directly after.

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