True Blood
Season 4
Episode 12: And When I Die

Jesus and Lafayette are outside having breakfast and Jesus apologizes for pushing Lafayette into the magic to soon.  He tells Lafayette that he is right and the magic is too powerful for them and if he wants to live a magic free life from here on out he is fine with it.  Lafayette isn’t responding to anything he says and just looks at him.  Jesus asks if he’s alright and Lafayette says yes.  Jesus gives him a kiss goodbye and Lafayette stabs him in the hand with his fork.

Sookie is making two cups of coffee and drops a spoon.  When she goes to retrieve it she sees her Gran dead on the floor.  Then, Tara walks in and Sookie gives her the other cup of coffee.  Sookie asks her if she thinks Gran is in Heaven.  Tara tells her that she’s an atheist, but if there is a Heaven then her Gran is surely there.  Sookie tells her that she can’t help, but feel like her Gran is there, but isn’t sure if it’s just some residual weirdness from everything that’s been going on.

Sam is standing over Tommy’s grave and Maxine walks up with flowers.  She says that Tommy was devious, but had a good heart.  She goes on to tell him that Tommy said Sam shooting him was the best thing that ever happened to him because it brought him to Maxine and the Lord.  Maxine thanks Sam for inviting her and tells him that she’ll  bring a pork rind casserole over later.  She tells him that about Tommy stealing some of her things and Sam tells her that he never was taught how to love without being hurt.  Maxine says that Sam must not have been taught either, but we all make the best of what they have.  She tells Sam to call her mom from now on because they are all the family they have left.  Maxine walks away at the same time Luna and Emma arrive.  They come and stand by him.

Jason pulls up to Hoyt’s worksite and tries to talk himself into believing he’s a good person, but it doesn’t really work.  He goes and tells Hoyt that he had sex with Jessica.  At first Hoyt laughs until he realizes that Jason is being serious.  He punches Jason and tells him that his dick is more important than anything.  He goes on saying they had a code and Jason broke it.  He continues to punch and kick Jason and tells him that what he and Jessica had is real and he will never have that with anybody because there is something missing in him.  Hoyt storms off leaving Jason lying on the ground bleeding.

Marnie has tied Jesus up to a chair and his hand is bleeding.  Jesus tells Lafayette that he must fight Marnie.  Marnie responds that Lafayette may be younger, but he isn’t more powerful than her.  She tells him that Lafayette’s magic is potent and clumsy, but potent.  She is angry and Jesus for taking Antonia from her and calls him a traitor.  Jesus tells her that Antonia didn’t want to be in her because she knew Marnie wasn’t fighting a righteous war.  He tells her that she only wanted possession because she was lonely.  Marnie threatens to cut out Lafayette’s eye saying she won’t feel it, but he will.  Jesus begs her not to hurt Lafayette and that he will do anything.  She tells him that he wants his magic that was passed to him in his blood and that she wants all of it.

Sookie goes into Merlotte’s and finds Arlene and Terry dressed as zombies, the new vampires as Arlene puts it.  It’s Halloween.  Sookie asks if Sam is around and she reads Arlene’s thoughts which say that nobody has told her yet.

Sookie goes into  Sam’s office and gives him her condolences.  He tells her that nobody really knew about it because Tommy didn’t have many friends.  She tells him that it’s been rough since Sam fired her, but she would have been there for him.  He tells her that he didn’t fire her that she just didn’t show up for shifts.  She sticks by her guns that she was fired and then it dawns on him that Tommy fired her when he was being Sam.  He tells her to let bygones be bygones and she can have her job back if she can start now.  She asks for a new uniform, but he tells her nobody is wearing a uniform tonight and hands her bunny years.  She tells him that she will get him for this.  To which he responds that nobody likes an angry bunny.  See the full recap on the forum and come tell us what you think of this season.

Overall Thoughts:

I was expecting a little more out of this episode with it being the finale and all.  I really liked last week’s episode better.  I again think my problem lies with the whole spirit storyline it has just been way overdone this season.  Marnie going into Lafayette was so been there done that.  I’m not sure what I think about Jesus being killed off…although I’m sure he will still be around with Lafayette being a medium and all.  I don’t like Tara getting shot at all.  And the hole in the parking garage…could this be a teaser for Russell’s return?  At least with him as the villain you know next season will be interesting!!  And I found Sookie breaking things off with Bill and Eric to be predictable and boring.