True Blood
Season 4
Episode 11: Soul of Fire

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

All of the witches and everyone that got zapped in the magic shield in last week’s episode is trapped inside the Moon Goddess.  Sookie tells them that Eric and Bill are on their way to burn the place and they will die if they don’t get out.  Marnie refuses to leave.  One of the other witches calls her a bitch and charges her…Marnie throws a knife into her chest as the others look on in horror.  Antonia comes out of Marnie, but only Marnie and Lafayette can see her.  Antonia is angry at Marnie for killing an innocent and tries to sever their relationship.  Marnie refuses to let her go and puts a binding spell on her forcing her back inside Marnie.

Bill, Eric, Pam, and Jessica have assembled to destroy the Moon Goddess, but Jason runs up and tells them to stop because Sookie is inside.  All the vampires upset that she is in the way.  Jason gets angry at their response and yells at Eric and Bill for all that Sookie has done for them.  Bill tells the others that they must abort the mission and Eric agrees.  Pam is upset that they will risk their species for Sookie.  Bill tells her that they just have to find another way.  Jason then shows them the force field around the Moon Goddess by throwing his pocket-knife at it.  Bill says they must find a way to disable it.  A couple vampires show up and attack Bill and Eric.

Jason tries to talk to Jessica after she was shooting daggers with her eyes at him.  She claims that she wasn’t looking at him.  He tells her that he still feels guilty.

Sam tells the wolf that he has lost his patience waiting for Markus and holds a gun to his head demanding to know where he is.  Alcide gets Sam to give him the gun. The wolf tells him several different places..New Mexico, Brazil etc.  Alcide gets in his face demanding to know where he is.  The wolf tells him that he doesn’t know how they did things in Mississippi, but in Shreveport they don’t sell out their pack master for a shifter.  Luna comes in stating that Emma is missing and that Markus took her and she starts punching the wolf wanting answers.  Sam pulls Luna off of him and tells her they will find Emma.  She asks why he’s there and he tells her.  Alcide tells the wolf that it isn’t a shifter thing, but a right and wrong thing and that if he doesn’t want to be an accessory to kidnapping that he will tell him where Markus went.  He tells Alcide that he said he’d be back and that’s all he said and he doesn’t know where he is.

Markus is at Debbie’s trying to talk her into running away with him, but she refuses.  She tells him that she loves Alcide and he tells her that he can give her the one thing Alcide won’t; children.  He also says that he can get her off the V that she is using it to fill a void.  Emma is with him and he tells her that she needs a real mom not her shifter mom, but a were.

Jesus bends over the girl that Marnie through the knife at, Kasey, and tells the others she has a weak pulse.  He asks Marnie to allow him to try to save her and she does.  He asks for help to get her into the bathroom and insists Lafayette help him.  They take her into the bathroom and Lafayette discovers she is dead.  Jesus says that he has to use Kasey’s blood for some ugly magic to force Antonia out of Marnie before she kills them all.  Jesus goes back out for supplies from the Moon Goddess.  Holly and Sookie try to talk Marnie into stopping what she’s doing telling her that she has all the power. See the full recap here.

Overall Thoughts:

I thought this episode was pretty good and packed full of action.  It made me wonder what was left for next week’s finale until the very end with Marnie’s spirit going into Lafayette *rolling eyes*.  I loved seeing bad-ass Eric and boy did Alcide look smokin’!! I’m curious to see what his punishment is going to be for killing Markus though.  I know that Eric was furious with Pam for disobeying him and endangering Sookie, but I loved seeing that passion in her.  I’m not sure about this whole fairy thing with Andy, I’m sure it can’t be leading anywhere good!!  So now I must sit back and wait to see what is in store for us for the final episode of the season…I can’t believe it’s already the end!!