True Blood Season 2: My Overall Thoughts

The second season of True Blood has come to an end (I know sad), and with the end of the season comes my final review!!!

Overall, I thought the show as a whole went up by about 80% in greatness; last season was good, this season was even better. Everything from the effects to the makeup to wardrobe got a much need improvement from the first season.

But how did the second season compare to the send book “Living Dead in Dallas”.  Well that is another story!!

***Beware Spoilers below if  you haven’t read the books or seen all the of the 2nd season***

Key-points of what they got right:

  • Sookie, Bill and Eric go to Dallas to help find vampire, Sookie gets captured, FOTS    (Fellowship of the Sun) blows up the “nest” where they are all staying.
  • A Manaid comes to Bon Temps, Sookie gets poisoned by it.
  • Sookie meets another telepath like her

What was changed?

The Good:

  • Due to Bill’s “punishment” last season, new vamp Jessica got a good story line when she fails for Hoyt, they are super cute together.
  • We met Eric’s “maker” Godric (who later met the sun).  What I find odd, was in the books Godric is not Eric’s maker, and how Eric became a vampire was actually explained in the latest book ‘Dead and Gone’. However, Godric quickly gave me one of my favorite scenes, Eric shedding tears over his makers death.
  • More Eric.  He is my favorite character in the books, so I was happy he got more screen time this season.
  • Lafayette lives!!!  Yes, Alan Ball changed that up this season and kept Lafayette alive!!!
  • Jason joining FOTS – Jason doesn’t get much page time in the books, so it was nice to see him getting in touch with who he is this season!!!

The Bad

  • Too much Manaid.  Well I did love Michelle Forbes’ ‘Maryann’, I was quickly getting tired of that storyline.  I was happy it only took up 20mins of the season finale.  I would have like more Bill/Sookie/Eric time.
  • Tara became this little lost puppy.  What happened to our strong Tara from season 1?  This season she just seemed a little lost to me.
  • Lorena.  We meet Bill’s maker Lorena 1 book ahead of schedule, so that makes me wonder who they are going to play out season 3 along with the book ‘Club Dead’.

Definitely more good then bad and we now have about a year till season 3 starts.  As Alan Ball has said that at the very least Season 3 will start around the time as season 2 did, so that would be right around June 2010.  Which will leave us with very few “vampire goodness” holes; Vampire Diaries will have just ended its first season and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is released June 30, 2010!!

What did you think of second season of True Blood?  Sound off in the comments!!

Misti Schindele is the writer for both and Check back weekly on OBS as she follows ‘The Vampire Diaries’.