Brought to you by OBS staff member Katie

This weeks episode starts just where last weeks ended. Bill was surrounded by werewolves. He pretty much rips most of the wolves apart. Body parts are everywhere, Bill is ready to attack one of the last standing wolves when the Vampire King shows up and scolds his kidnappers for trying to fight Bill instead of bring him to the King. When the King finds out that the wolves where feeding off of Bill, as a warning he shoots one of them dead. The Vampire King demands that Bill comes with him, so Bill climbs aboard the Kings horse and they ride off.

Lafayette busts down the bathroom door, to find Tara trying to swallow all the pills she has put in to her mouth. He grabs her and forces her to spit out/throw up every single pill she took in. Tara’s Momma comes in and tries to help, but Lafayette tells her to stay away from Tara. Lafayette and Tara head for the hospital.

Sookie goes to Fangtasia to inform Eric about project werewolf, but he seems to just brush her off and let her know that he knows nothing off it. Eric also warns her that it would not be a good idea to willy nilly tell people about werewolves, they are a secret for a reason. He then tells her that her life is to valuable to loose, to be throwing herself out there just to save Bill Compton.


Aww poor Bill being held against his will, well at least they’re feeding him good. Hahaha! I am so happy that they are giving us these flash backs with Godric, if they didn’t find a way to keep him involved I would have been very upset.

Awww I love how Eric just gets sweeter and sweeter. I wonder if they will have the Eric-Sookie love interest in season three or will wait until season four, so that it matches up with book four. But heck, who am I to complain if the decided to do a certain hot and steamy shower scene this season 😉

Ohhhh! Maybe Sookie will find out soon what Bill was really doing in Bon Temps?

And all I have to say is ‘WHERE THE HECK DID THE DEAD BODY GO!?!’

What did you guys think of this episode? What’s up with the paper clippings of Sookie? Where do you think the body went? Did the vampire that was in the house take it or did it change in to a vampire?